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How to Print the Market Label Shipping in Mercado Libre Easily

7 de July de 2021

Do you want to use the tool Shipping Market as an option for your sales in Mercado Libre? We show you how to print the labels easily.

Various online buying and selling platforms are currently available. Its success lies in the possibility of being able to buy without having to leave home and sell without depending on a physical store. But if you don’t have experience, you need to know how to sell products on Mercado Libre for the first time.

The Argentine company Free market, is an online platform where its users can sell and buy new and used items. As well as offering or contracting private services.

This platform has a presence in several countries in America, which is why it has gained considerable popularity. That is why we recommend that you learn how to buy at Mercado Libre. On the other hand, it offers quite useful tools, both for buyers and sellers, which give it more credibility.

Another advantage that Mercado Libre offers is its mobile app, available for iOS and Android, with which your users can easily monitor their accounts.

What is the shipping market?

One of the tools offered by Mercado Libre is Mercado Envíos. It is an alternative to send and receive products offered on the platform.

This alternative provides benefits to both sellers and buyers of the platform. On the one hand, the customer who requests this shipping method can see considerable savings when buying several items simultaneously, since he will only have to pay for one shipment.

The rates for these will be provided to the customer before accepting the shipping method and, if accepted, it can be paid through Mercado Pago.

Also, you can track purchases or sales in the Free Market platform using the identification number provided by Mercado Transporte.

On the other hand, sellers will see the work of coordinating shipments reduced, since the customer makes the payment directly to Mercado Libre. Thanks to this, the seller will only have to take care of the optimal packaging of the product and deliver it to the predetermined place.

Have this service as alternative shipping method it can help speed up delivery times, which will be reflected in the seller’s reputation. This, in turn, will allow you to obtain discounts of up to 50%, in case the seller offers free shipping.

The money of the products sent with Mercado Envíos will be available for withdrawal 5 days after delivery for new products and reputable sellers. If the product is used or is a new seller, the money will be available 9 days after delivery. Also, once you receive the purchase it is important to rate the seller in Mercado Libre

To use this tool it must be taken into account that the item to be sent must be accepted by the shipping and parcel companies. Likewise, that the service must be available for the address where the shipment is directed.

Print shipping market label

free shipping label printing screen

When a seller has among his shipping methods that of Mercado Envíos and a buyer user requests them for the delivery of a certain product, he must provide the necessary data for delivery and make the respective payment directly with Free market.

Once the buyer completes the process, the tool will generate a label with the customer and product information, which the seller must incorporate into the item’s packaging before taking it to the dispatch point.

To print this label, enter your seller account in Mercado Libre and enter the Mercado Pago area to enter the payment details of the corresponding sale.

You can also do it from your cloud administrator by clicking on the Identifier of the transaction that corresponds to the sale.

Once there, click on the option Track shipment. In the next window you should see the message Label ready to print and underneath the button Print label.

By clicking on this option you can choose to print directly from the browser by selecting a printer connected to your computer or save it as a PDF file. This last option is useful when you need to print multiple labels at the same time.

Now you just have to stick this label on the item previously packed correctly and take it to the dispatch point to be shipped.