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How to Print Different Images per Page Using Preview on my Mac?

13 de March de 2022

Currently, we can find several options that allow us to make our electronic devices. Bearing in mind that there is a great diversity of these, we can talk specifically about Macs. It has allowed users for a long time and even today, to function in a great way, allowing can print multiple images for one page.

It is so then, that, through this article, we will know several ways to print different images using Mac previewHowever, it is worth mentioning that before doing this, enter the Apple Store to be able to enable each of the options that it brings with it.

What procedure to follow to print multiple images per page from Preview?

On Mac devices, with their iOS operating system, they give many people the ability to print multiple images per page from the “preview” option however, it will also allow you to print a PDF document on your Mac. Now, there is a specific procedure to carry out this action without any problem, for this, you must follow the steps that will be mentioned below:

Open images in Preview

One of the first steps to achieve printing several images by the “preview” should be to open the images that you want print right in the “preview” windowAlso, start doing the following:

  1. The image should be selected, but drawing a box around it. In another case, it will be possible to select from the key (⌘) and later, by clicking on all of them.
  2. Then, the images must be opened, double-clicking on one of the selected ones. In some cases, the preview is not a default option in the system, for this, you can open the image from a secondary click, especially choosing “Open with…” and there a bar will be displayed, where the “view” option will appear. previous”.

sending to print with the mac

Analyze the Preview

Once the user has selected the images you want to print From the “Preview” option you should start the procedure from the analysis to the Preview. To do this you will follow these steps:

  1. Once you have selected the images to be printed and having them open in preview, you should go to the “File” option and select “Print” there. In other cases, you can press the command button (⌘) + P.
  2. Enter the “show details” option which is located at the bottom of the window. Clicking on it will show the “Hide details” option, understanding that all of them will be shown.
  3. On the right side, the “Orientation” tool will be displayed and there you must click on “layout”
  4. Subsequently, in one of the sections called “Pages per sheet” the number of images to be printed within the same page will be chosen. Noting that this has a limit, which only allows up to 16.
  5. In the part below the “Orientation” option, you can choose the order in which you want to print the images. In the same way, the tool allows you to adjust the number of copies and their color.
  6. When these adjustments have been made, you can click on the “print” option and that’s it.

How to print pdf from preview on my Mac?

In the same order of ideas, the ways to print PDFs from a preview on the Mac is to first open the file in PDF format that you want to print. In this case, an image in PDF format. Now, in the event that there are several files, they can be selected and opened through the “preview”.

To select any of the images or files to be printed, you can select the “view” option and then click on “thumbnails” and there you can select each of them that you want to print.

How to print only selected thumbnails?

Since Macs allow people to be able to take a screenshot and then print it out, it also allows you a series of steps to print only the thumbnails that are selected. To do this, the following steps must be taken into account:

  1. To print only selected thumbnails, click the option that sets “Pages selected from sidebar” or another option will appear that sets “Images selected from sidebar”
  2. There you must choose the option by clicking on it and select “Copies per page” which will establish the number of these.
  3. Directly, you can click on the “print” option as long as each of the settings are established.

What are the steps to print in tiles from my Mac with Preview?

In cases where the preview options do not appear on your device, you can install new Mac fonts to make them appear. Now, one of the ways print in tiles from my mac With the Preview option, the following steps must be taken into account:

printing only selected thumbnails

  1. You must click on “menu” and there a bar with more options will be displayed, within which is “print”. Another quick way to not select is by clicking the commands (⌘) + P at the same time.
  2. After this, some tools will appear in the lower part of the window, where you must click on “Show details” and thus select it.