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How to Permanently Delete My Kik Account Without a Trace? – Forever

19 de January de 2022

We all have the need to socialize with other people so as not to feel that we are alone, we also have the desire and the right that our privacy is not violated. Therefore, we seek that social networks can cover these aspects. Now, if our kids are on an app like Kik and we don’t think it’s appropriate, maybe it’s a good idea to permanently delete your account.

Is it possible to deactivate a Kik account as a parent and not the owner of my child’s account?

Kik is an instant messaging social network that can be used from different devices and with different internet connections. Most of its users are teenagers who want to contact their friends and meet other people.

Although it is true that this application has a system that can help young people to protect their privacy, it is also true that this has become a double edged sword.

To create an account on this platform you only need an email and a username, this way other people will not know your name, date of birth, phone number or any other personal information.

On the one hand, this is positive because your identity is not as exposed unless you decide to reveal this data. However, many malicious people have used these details to hide their true identity and intention.

This has caused many crimes that have been committed by and against adolescents to be related to the use of this application. This is why many parents have made the decision to delete their child’s account.

Some parents wonder if this is possible and fortunately for them the answer is yes. You just need to know the name of your account user and the email with which it was created. You can request this information from the young person and if you do not want to provide it, you can open the application and from the configuration get the user.

If you have children who are already teenagers, you should try to monitor what they do on social networks, since many people who want to harm them hide behind them. Considering that on Kik, young people do not know the age of the new people they meet, they can get carried away thinking that they are the same age and innocent.

Some parents have chosen to use resources such as Google Family Link, to have control over the applications that their children have and the use they make of them. Though some things can get out of hand, any effort you make will be worth it.

delete a kik account

How to permanently delete a Kik account?

In addition to the entertainment features that Kik has for its users, it also has tools to satisfy other kinds of desires. One of them is to eliminate the individual conversations that you have with another user.

On the other hand, there are those who want to take a break from the application, either because of a bad experience or because they are bored with the massive messages that arrive. For these cases you can temporarily deactivate an account. So you will not receive messages or emails or any other form of contact with users.

Permanently delete a child’s user account on Kik you must comply with four important steps, first send an email to [email protected] and in the subject place query for parents. Second, you must enter your child’s username and age.

Third, you have to wait for the technical service contacts you to fill out a form to respect and finally, once you fill out the form you have to send it to finish the elimination process.

By deleting an account from this application, the user will not appear in any other user’s contact list nor will there be any way for another user to contact you through this means. What you should have on hand when making the request is the teenager’s username and email.

father deleting an account on kik

If you want to delete the account and your child is not convinced, you may need have some conversations with him to let you see the dangers that social networks hide and that having an account on them requires a certain degree of maturity in order not to expose yourself to situations that threaten your integrity.

It would not be strange that despite the conversations, the young man insists on keeping his account. In these cases you can search for the user from the account settings. The user is characterized by having lowercase, uppercase, characters and numbers. So when you see it you will know what it is.

If you want to monitor what your children do within the app, it is best to do it from their device, as Kik’s security system will delete your chat history and you won’t be able to see it on your phone.

What will happen after deactivating Kik account forever?

When you delete a Kik account, the action lasts forever, so you will not be able to re-enable that account with the same user or the same email. If you want to open an account again you will have to use another email and create a new user.

father talking to his son

Another thing that happens is that you will no longer be able to access users using this medium, so if you need to contact him again you should have his personal information like his phone number. For this, both must exchange this information because the application will not provide it to you. You will also not participate in group chats. Although weighing the benefits, this may not matter much to you.

Is it possible to recover Kik messages from a deleted account?

No, when you delete an account in this application, all contacts, messages, videos, photos, stickers and everything related to the profile are deleted. On the one hand, it is an advantage if you want to keep your child away from dangerous users. The downside is if the young person had important information that he didn’t back up, he won’t be able to retrieve it.