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How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account From Your Cell Phone

3 de July de 2021

Facebook remains one of the social media most important today, this is due to the fact that the platform has known how to update and adapt to the changes of the Internet. In any case, you may want to delete your account, so today you will learn how to permanently delete a Facebook account from your cell phone.

Currently mobile devices are the most important resources at a technological level for most users, also through smart phones you can connect to Facebook, WhatsApp and practically any social network. Although we also want to get away from time to time a bit, in that case deleting our account is a good idea.

Still, keep in mind that this is an important action, so we recommend taking into account methods such as deleting Facebook Messenger conversations and other similar ones that do not go to such an extent.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account from your cell phone

In case you want completely remove your Facebook account, keep in mind that it is not a reversible process. Deleting your account will remove all your conversations, publications and other content related to your actions in this social network.

Understanding that this is a process in which you will lose all the information on the platform, we recommend that you take actions such as downloading or transferring photos from Facebook, supporting this valuable information in this way.

To permanently delete your account follow these steps

  1. The first thing you should do is start the official application of Facebook from your mobile device. In the event that you are not logged in, you must enter your data.
  2. Once you are inside the application and logged into your account, click on the three horizontal lines located in the upper right area of ​​the screen. Here you have to click on the option Setting.
  3. All the information related to the Settings will be displayed on the screen of your cell phone, look for the tab your Facebook information.
  4. You must enter Account ownership and control.
  5. Click on the option Deactivation and elimination, there you will see two options Deactivate account Y Delete account.
  6. Select the option Delete account, now click on Continue.
  7. It is very possible that you will be asked to enter the password of your account, this is done in order to protect the information and that another person does not pretend to be you to permanently delete your account.
  8. Complete the steps that appear on the screen and after this process your account will have been correctly deleted.

As we indicated, it is best that you protect your information, that is why we recommend you download your Facebook videos from your iPhone or Android mobile, in addition to all the information you want to save from the Facebook platform. On the other hand, it is also possible to deactivate the account temporarily as we show you below.

Deactivate your Facebook account temporarily

Although you can deactivate or completely delete your Facebook account, we consider that there is a better option, we refer to the temporary deactivation from your account. Through this measure you can recover your account after a set time or when you return to log in.

It is the best measure for all those who are not sure about making the decision to delete your account completely.

To deactivate your account temporarily follow these steps

Disable facebook temporarily

  1. The first thing you should do is start the Facebook application on your cell phone and Log in.
  2. Now go to the settings options by pressing at the top right of your screen, there press on the option Setting.
  3. Look for the tab your Facebook information, and click on Account ownership and control.
  4. Multiple options will appear, the one you have to choose is Deactivation and removal, click on that option.
  5. There are two modes, Deactivation of the account and Deletion of the account, click on Deactivate account and click on Continue.
  6. You must give the reason why you want to temporarily deactivate your account, we recommend clicking on the first option This is temporary. I will be back. And press on the option Continue.
  7. At the bottom it indicates after which period the account should be reactivated automatically, you can select between one to seven days, in any case you can also choose the option not to reactivate automatically, choose the one that seems best to you and click on the option Continue.
  8. A new screen will appear, you can choose to continue receiving notifications or not, to deactivate the account press on the button Disable my account.
  9. After this process, the account will have been successfully deactivated, you can return to it by logging in as normal.

Keep in mind that the processes shown before are designed for the Facebook application, even so you can also deactivate Facebook Messenger, if that is what you are looking for.