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How to PASS FILES from PC to Android WITHOUT USB Cable – It’s That Easy

12 de July de 2021

Although currently, it is still necessary to use cables to connect your mobile device to your PC. Important contributions are being made to eradicate this dependence on cables forever. It is for this reason that below we bring you the following tutorial for you to learn how to transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable, that easy.

The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for daily work, where we can save important information.

But when I also use the PC, as a work tool to carry out my projects in programs like Word or Power Point. Then How to transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable, hassle-free.

In the following article, you will learn simple tricks to perform so that you can transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable. And this you are going to do in an extremely simple way and without complications of any nature. It’s time for you to jump into the technology and apply these easy steps and you can put the cables aside.

How to transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable

The next method that we are going to explain to you so that you can transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable. We will not use a WiFi connection, what we will need is to install an application on your mobile phone. This application is called qrSend and you can download it from the Play Store.

After you install the application on your mobile phone, you will go from your computer to the Play Store, look for the application qr Send. And you are going to look for the following file you select it and it will take you to another web page. On this page you will find the installation and download options.

You are going to go down the page and you are going to look for qrSend Installer (Windows), this if your operating system is Windows. You can also check, which requires you to download the Java Runtime Environment and give you the option to obtain it from a link. These files must be downloaded to your PC, these files are totally free.

After downloading these files on your computer and having downloaded the application to transfer files from PC to Android without a USB cable, on your mobile phone, we go on to what follows. You are going to look for the downloaded files on your PC and proceed to install them. Select qsSend and do a clip, to begin the installation.

Then a window will appear and you will click on the Next button, then install and finally finish, the installation is very fast. Then, we go on to install Java, we select it and the installation window will appear, we click on the install button, then OK and the installation of the program will begin.

Finally, the window will appear that tells you that Java has been installed correctly and now you will click Close. And the program for transfer files from PC to Android without USB cable, it’s that easy.

How to use the pass files app

Now the next step we are going to do is use the application to be able to transfer files from PC to AndroidTo do this, we only have to look for the file or folder that we want to transfer from the computer to the PC. When we find the file or folder, we select it with the mouse, make a right clip, a window with options will open and we must choose Send to.

When selecting Send to, another window will appear and here we are going to select qrSend doing clip. Once this is done, a Qr code will appear on the screen, which we will scan with our mobile. Then we go to take our Android device, look for the application and select it by pressing on it.

Finally, while in the application, we press the icon in the form of a camera and then we press the Yes option. You are going to ask us to download a qr reader, we press Play store, then install and finally accept. The installation was done, we go back to the qrSend application, we press the camera and now we can scan the code.

All your files will be transferred to your mobile and quickly and easily you will be able to transfer your files without complications without having to use a USB cable.