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How to Overclock My CPU to Improve My PC Performance

29 de June de 2021

When we have been using our personal computer for a long time, we think that it is reaching the end of its useful life. But it turns out that there are some strategies that you can do in the internal components, which will allow to give it more power and increase its performance. This is why we will show you below how to Overclock my CPU to improve my PC performance.

But surely you are wondering what is Overclocking and this is nothing more than speed up the clock speed of the CPU. Although it is one of the most common ways to increase performance, you should know that it is not the only one. Since you can find other factors, such as the activation of the processor cores, among others.

It is important that before you dedicate yourself to making certain changes to your unit, you document yourself on the steps that we are going to teach you to perform below. Since performing the Overclocking it can be a very careful procedure. This is very similar when we try to decrease and optimize the CPU speed from the BIOS, for this reason we must be very careful

How to Overclock My CPU to Improve My PC Performance

Something that you should also be clear about is that this procedure cannot be performed on all computers. And then you have to find out if the motherboard or the processor has the multipliers locked. If so, this would completely avoid performing the Overclocking and therefore speed up your CPU.

Another very important factor that intervenes in this procedure is heat, since when the voltage increases, a higher temperature is generated and therefore heat.

Then it is recommended that you download an application that allows you to control and monitor the temperature of the CPU, there are some very good ones and we can recommend you Core Temp and Prime95.

Steps to speed up my CPU and improve my PC performance

The first step to take is to turn on your computer, immediately press the Esc, DEL or F2 key, so you can enter the BIOS setup menu.

The next thing you should do is locate the Overclocking tab, you may not find this name and instead find Advanced Frequency Settings.

The values ​​that manufacturers include to perform CPU overclocking they can go from 4 GHz to 4.8 GHz. But this can vary, if your motherboard takes it to these values ​​it is more than enough for it to carry out the desired procedure. But if you want you can increase these values, but this will depend entirely on you.

You can also increase the base clock and this parameter can be raised to 10%, to do this you enter the Overclocking or Advanced Frequency Setting menu and go to the Base Clock section.

It is important that you make this adjustment progressively and using the program that allows you to check if your CPU shows no alterations.

If so, you must return to the previous values, if everything goes smoothly then you can gradually increase the acceleration speed.

Remember I increased a low percentage, you exit the menu, restart the PC and run the program to see how the CPU behaves with the new values, if you want you can continue increasing the value.

But if you also want to adjust the multiplier, then you must lower the base clock speedYou will find this option in the CPU Clock Ratio section. And you can increase only 0.5 with each attempt and perform a resistance test and monitor the general temperature of your entire computer.

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You must be very careful to keep an eye on any changes or adjustments you make as it can cause a serious system crash. In this way we show you how you can make your PC offer better performance, when performing Overclocking.