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How to Number Titles Automatically in LibreOffice Writer Easily

27 de April de 2021

Initially LibreOffice Writer has the characteristics of a modern tool, it is a set of office automation tools that can be freely downloaded. It fulfills the function of being a open source word processor component and belongs to the LibreOffice software package.

In itself you can say that Writer a word processor similar to Microsoft Word, have the same characteristics. It also contains several processing functions in addition to desktop publishing, it is also powerful enough to create complete books, including content, create indexes and more.

In turn, this tool contains a standard and open format, for this reason it has been adopted as a mandatory file format for the publication of documents by governments worldwide. This tool also allows insert graphics, objects, diagrams and various components within your text.

LibreOffice Writer allows you to number titles automatically

LibreOffice logo, white background

At the same time, it is important to understand everything that this word processor component includes within its functions. For this reason, we will explain to you how to number titles automaticallya within the document you are creating.

Based on this, we will explain how manage office inputs, so, first you have to create a document. Likewise, titles should be placed in a list as simple lines. After this you can apply the styles for three levels.

so yes we select a title and press the F11 key the styles and formatting menu will automatically open. Then you must select the title you want to have for the first level and the style is applied to it.

Therefore, when clicking on the button on the right, a submenu will be displayed in which you have to choose «New style from selection». Next in that section is where the style for title A (It is called A for being the first, since the number 1 is predetermined by the system).

Then, this operation must be applied to the titles that you want to create, in this case it will be 3 levels of titles. Finally, the styles must be applied to the rest of the title lines, which in this case would be title A, BY C.

Setting the numbering for titles

Numbering settings for titles

Together with having the list of titles created, the numbering scheme must be created, so the first level will be configured. So in the section “Paragraph styles”, we will select title A. Therefore, in the numbers you must place the numbering format of your preference.

In the section of “Character style” should be left in: “none”, also following the order of the window come the fields “before and after”, in which you can choose a character proceeding or preceding the number and then in “begin” It is where you decide from which number you will start counting.

This is how the procedure should be repeated for the three styles of titles A, BY C. Also if you want to add an indentation you can select the position option that is right next to the numbering tab.

Once you have finished this process, click on “to accept” and in this way the changes will be applied automatically to the titles that have been configured for the document.

So being able to create the titles and list them is a simple process, you just have to apply each of the steps correctly to obtain the desired results. In this way your documents can have a good order with personalized and enumerated styles.

It is important to note that Writer also allows open and save documents in different formats including those used in Microsoft office versions.

In short, with this tool you can feel free to create the documents you want. Since LibreOffice Writer makes it look adequate for the amount of functions and tools it contains and that you can easily handle.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. number the titles automatically in LibreOffice Writer? Do you know of another method that allows you to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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