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How to Move an Event Between Calendars with Google Calendar? (Example)

28 de June de 2021

Calendars are an important part of life, they remember the most important dates and let you keep a activity log weekly, monthly and yearly. But what if I need to move a date to another day? Well, there should be no problems because you can, moving an event between calendars with Google Calendar is as easy as saving browsing data with Google Chrome.

This application from the industry giant has been accompanying us for a few years now. But it was not until recently that they added the option that already appeared on the website.

Let’s learn how to move an event between calendars with Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar is already in your name, it is a calendar that allows you to keep a record of the activities or events that are scheduled, for the coming weeks.

Of course like anything in this world, it is subject to change and any event, be it work or leisure, can be rescheduled, having to change the calendar.

For this there is Google calendar and the way to move events is very simple. The first thing is to open the application on the phone. It is another of the best products, tools and services that Google offers, just create a Google account or Gmail.

Once there your events will appear, you just have to “To select“The event you want to move, Once”Selected”, It will show you a summary of it.

Pressing”The button with the shape of a pencil that appears in the upper right corner, will allow you to edit the data summary, regardless of the date when it was created.

Entering the editing screen, you can see the details, and change what you want, “Choose“Now the option”Calendar”, Which appears below the event.

A menu will appear, with calendars that you have in your account (all without exceptions). It is here where you can choose the calendar to which you want to move your scheduled event, once selected we just press “Keep”And ready as easy as stealing a sweet from a baby.

There is an option that also leaves you “Copy“The events in other calendars, for this press the vertical buttons (three), and click”Copy to”. And voila, in five minutes you can move an event between calendars with Google Calendar.

How to forget the always reliable web version

If you don’t use your mobile so much, but you use other devices, you can always use the web to change your calendar and it is the same or even easier.

First you enter, Once there it will show a menu with your events “Choose“The one that you will move to another calendar (it can be the one you want without it being a specific day, just like its mobile cousin).

Once you have selected it, “Press”The edit button, which will be the same pencil as in the previous version and the same at the top.

It will take you to the event’s edit page, under the notifications there will be a calendar, “Choose”There, to open the calendar where your event is located.

Here all the calendars you have in your account will open, and you can move an event between calendars with Google Calendar.

As its cousin, you can also make a copy of the event, to copy it to any other calendar, the one you choose without limitations.

how to move an event between calendars

Google: The giant of facilities

As always, Google stands out in wanting to give the option to edit any aspect of life, a calendar may seem trivial, but in fact it is one of the best forms of notification that exists.

Have control in the palm of your hand with a telephone, It is more necessary than is believed, it gives stability and breaks the communication barriers, and it is that by God move an event between calendars with Google CalendarIt is so tiny but significant, that it makes you think that it is innovating from the smallest.