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How to Modify the Language in All my Office Suite? – Multilanguage

12 de December de 2021

The Office suite is a set of programs supplied by the computer company Microsoft. Such a set of programs is directly associated with office features that are employed by students, teachers, investors, financial managers, etc.

In other words, the Office suite has programs that are used for many things and that many people use. For this reason, almost everyone who has a PC has this package of programs. We will show you shortly how to change the language of your Office package and why sometimes it is not possible to change the language of this package.

How can you change the language of your Office package?

Office sometimes comes in languages ​​other than what you understand due to the Microsoft store or installation disc they are from a different language. Problems like this can be solved without the need to uninstall the package and reinstall it, but with a version in your language.

The only two ways to change the language of the Office package It is through the Microsoft menu and also using the language pack. See how these two things are done:

From the Microsoft menu

Change the language of all programs in the Office suite it is something really simple and you do not have to go into each of the Office programs. All you have to do is change the language of one of the programs:

  1. Go into Word, for example
  2. Create a new text document
  3. Find the ‘File’ section
  4. Click on the ‘File’ section
  5. Select the option ‘Options’
  6. In the window that will open, select the ‘Language’ section
  7. Then, see the list of languages, choose the one you want the most and save the changes

Thus, the language of all programs is changed of the Office suite without hassle. Sometimes these types of changes are not made all at once, if that is the case you would have to restart your computer and see if the changes have been made. If they were saved then great, but if they were not saved proceed to carry them out again.

By the way, it should be noted that apart from normal Office package, there is a version of ‘Office 365’ that very few use. If you do not know what Office 365 is, it would be good to look for information about what its benefits are and even the applications that it incorporates. This way, you will know if it is better to use the normal Office or the Office 365 package.

Downloading a language pack

The Office Language Pack is for change the language of the other programs than Microsoft including Office. This package should be used when when changing the Office language, the language you wanted was not available. However, see how this is done:

  1. Enter the Microsoft website
  2. Choose the year of your Office, the language you want and download the 64-bit or 32-bit language pack according to your system
  3. Then, install the downloaded package on your computer
  4. Then open Word, go to ‘File’
  5. Inside ‘File’, go directly to where it says ‘Options’
  6. Select the option ‘Languages’
  7. The last thing would be to choose the language you want and save the changes

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From then on, all programs they will have the language you have selected. By the way, that language pack that you have installed will change the language to:

  • The program interface
  • To the help section
  • To the tools for correction

These things are important to understand for the times when you must seek help with any problem. It should be noted that, to enjoy all the features of Microsoft Office, you have to buy the program license. In some places, these types of licenses are available cheaply.

Why can’t I change the language of your office package correctly?

This kind of thing cannot be done because there are people who speak more than one language and they like to use two languages when they use any of the Office programs. For this reason, you cannot change the language of the package in a concrete way, but following some processes you can change the language to Spanish or another language.

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During the language change process in the Office suite, common problems sometimes occur. One of the most frequent is that the language is not changed in a concrete way. This occurs because in each of the selection portions for language you have to choose a language.

In the language section for correction you have to enter the language you want, in the help section you have to choose the language. And in the language section for options too a specific language must be entered.