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How to Modify the Color of your Chats on Facebook Messenger – Swap Styles

9 de November de 2021

One of the most used messaging services worldwide is Messenger Facebook, which offers users various alternatives so that you can stay connected, interacting with your family and other contacts. With this application you can not only send and receive messages, you can also customize chats by modifying the appearance, adding color and themes to your contacts’ chats.

That way the conversation will be more entertaining and will give a different aspect to your conversations. In the article we will talk about how to put the colored chats, what are the most used themes, among other things.

What are the steps to make your Facebook Messenger chats colorful?

If you want your conversations to look interesting, not only for the content of the messages, but for the aspect of the chat, you can do it by putting your Facebook Messenger chats in colors. And the way to do it is as follows: Enter the Messenger application, a chat of a contact that you want to change the color of the chat opens. You click on the icon of a circle located in the upper right corner.

A menu with several options will be displayed, which you must select the Color option, You will be able to visualize the variety of colors and you just have to click on the preferred one and that’s it. You will notice how the chat changes the color, it will look personalized with your favorite color. You can quickly and easily modify the view of your chats.

What topics are the most popular and chosen to personalize Facebook chats?

Now you can give your conversations a personal style by use colors in your chats. Applying this action will vary the appearance of the messages. You can insert a specific theme or background color. And according to each season or reason for celebration, the Facebook application incorporates themes alluding to the holiday and here we will tell you which ones are the most used to personalize chats.


Monochrome theme alludes to color with different shades of gradient. In Messenger you can use this theme in your chats. In fact, it is the theme that tends to be used the most within the Facebook Messenger application. You just have to open the particular chat and click on the circle icon and then on the subject. Gradient color options will appear and it’s that easy to personalize your chats with this theme that everyone loves.


The love theme is a constant in Facebook Messenger to personalize chats. Many use it regardless of whether it is the occasion of the year, they simply use it to personalize their chats and show that they are loving people or that they live in love. Whatever the reason you have, you can use it to change the appearance of your chats. And to put this theme, you follow the same procedure.

You open the Facebook App, enter the chat, click on the Circle, then the topic and locate the Love one. You will notice how the background that is shown behind the messages you write or receive varies. Try trying these popular themes and get up to speed by personalizing your chats with the themes that the App makes available.

change theme and color in facebook messenger chats

Why can’t you customize or change the color of your Facebook Messenger chats?

If you want to change the color of your chats within the Facebook Messenger application, but you notice that you cannot customize the chats. You should probably make sure have the latest version of the application. So you must enter the applications and see if there is an update available for the App. If after performing this action, the problem continues, it may be due to the following:

Unstable internet

The notification Waiting for network availability will probably appear on your mobile screen, in this condition there are many functions of the App that will not be able to work well, among them, the Facebook Messaging service, specifically, that of personalizing your chats. The most advisable thing is to make sure you have a good signal, increase the Wi-Fi signal or improve your mobile data. You must deactivate and reactivate the data, check the connection to be able to enter Facebook Messenger and thus personalize the chats.