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How to Manage Your Project in Adobe Illustrator Using the Layers Panel?

1 de March de 2022

Photo and video editors are completely useful tools. Through them we can configure, edit, improve and create a variety of visual things. One of the applications or programs most used by people today is the Adobe Illustrator editing program. Through it, we can do great things, from edit, organize visual projects and, in addition, the way to use the layer panel.

To use each of the features that this program offers its users, first of all, you must download Adobe Illustrator through its official page and from there you will be able to use all the tools. Now, through this article, we will teach you how to manage a project in Adobe Illustrator through the layers panel that it provides.

Why do you need to organize the layers of your project in Adobe Illustrator?

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the layers within Adobe Illustrator are defined as transparent folders that are used especially to manage the content that is being edited. Thus, these layers can be found from the “Layers” option.

In the same way, the layers bring with them images, texts or some illustrations, they must be organized, since the contents of the layers are usually found distributed at the top of the layers panel and so they will be displayed with the content at the bottom of it. By organizing them, they will allow the user to move, edit, hide, work and even lock the content without other effects being included within other layers.

How can you manage layers within Adobe Illustrator with the Layers panel?

Since Adobe Illustrator brings with it a great variety of tools that allows the best edition, brings with it the possibility of modifying any image, creating a sunray effect in Adobe Illustrator and likewise, managing the layers within the program, to do this, the steps that will be mentioned below must be taken into account. continuation.

working and editing with adobe illustrator

To create a new layer

The way to create new layers within the Adobe Illustrator program is very simple, in general, the “Layers” option is located on the right side of the worksheet. You must click on “Window” and there select “Layers”. You must take into account that each of the documents that you are going to start will be determined as “Layer 1” “Layer 2” However, this name is editable.

When generating the layer, you must click on the “Create” option which you can see at the bottom of the displayed options once entered “Layers”. You will have to drag one of the layers to the panel and you will be able to modify the objects in the order that you want. You should note that you can produce an Adobe Illustrator invitation using the necessary layers for this.

If you want to organize the layers you have

For make an organization in each of the layers that you have previously created within the Adobe Illustrator editing sheet, it is important to follow these steps that will be mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you must take into account that, when moving the content from one layer to another, you must select each one of them, dragging them to the colored box, located on the right side of the name of each of the layers.
  2. In the same way, if you want to find the objects within the Layers panel, you must select the illustrations that the document has and click on “Locate object”, this option can be found at the bottom of the panel.
  3. At the time of hiding the objects, you can click on the layer panel option, located on the left side of the name of each one of them.
  4. And that’s it, in this simple way you can organize each of the layers within the Adobe Illustrator program.

What to do to remove layers in Adobe Illustrator using this panel?

If you want delete one of the layers you created within the Adobe Illustrator program, either because it doesn’t work for you or you didn’t like it, you can do it in a completely simple way.

  1. You must select one of the layers (The one you want to delete)
  2. It will indicate the new content that you want to add to the layer or in that case, if you want to delete it.
  3. You will click on the “Delete selection” button and the selected layer will proceed to be deleted.

removing layers with illustrator

Why can’t you see the layers from the layers panel?

Many times when illustrations are made, the watermark can appear with Adobe Illustrator, usually it is that the program is not downloaded in the correct ways, then it will cause this to appear, as well as the case of the layers not appearing inside the layers panel.

It may be happening that the layers are hidden or locked, remembering that this is one of the options that can be done with the layers that are created within the Adobe Illustrator program.