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How to Manage My Personal Financial Economy Using Mooverang

15 de July de 2021

In these times where ventures and SMEs are very fashionable and the boom they have is tremendous, there are many people who want to start their own business.

Undertaking, buying Bitcoins or selling cryptocurrencies and creating your own company goes beyond offering a product or service, as it requires a strategic planning and above all, financial, since the idea will always be that income is higher than expenses.

And although it seems like a simple task on paper, it goes much further. However, luckily for everyone there are certain tools that make life easier when it comes to manage our financial economy.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a businessman or a natural person, with Mooverang you can manage your economy in an efficient way to be able to save effectively and that at the end of the month, the numbers are always positive.

In the following article we will explain how the application works and how to use it correctly so that you learn to manage your financial economy with Mooverang and never have an economic deficit again.

What is Mooverang?

It’s a Mooverang app It is available for Android and iOS that helps you how to invest, save and manage your money. This application has millions of downloads since it was launched in 2014.

With this simple, but powerful app you can review the money in your account, check and verify transactions and account movements, plan your entire economy and even offers savings plans.

In addition, it has a Premium version called Mooverang Evolution in which you can count on specialized financial advisers who will be willing to help you save and manage our income and control our expenses.

As if that were not enough, Mooverang has a great security system to protect the information of each of its users. In fact, its security is similar to that of any web or mobile application of a bank.

Its technology includes a system of 256-bit encryption and SSL TLS certificate, so that it will be totally impossible for other users to access our account and personal information.

How does Mooverang work and how can I save with it?

In order to use this application and get the most out of it, you must add your bank accounts and Mooverang will immediately establish a financial management plan for us. The application supports more than 40 different entities.

By accessing the application we can quickly see all the movements of our account and payments made with our cards. It also allows us to make an organized budget and know where our expenses are inclined, to be able to control each item.

In addition, we will always have the option of acquiring the premium version to further improve our economic plan and get savings of up to $ 2,000 at the end of the month.

Upon entering the app we will see five different tabs located at the bottom of the screen. The options are: help, which clarifies certain concepts; my state, where we will see the available balance, income and expenses; the menu, where we will find more options such as reports, objectives and configuration.

Another of the tabs that we will find is the timeline. There we will see a timeline with all the movements of our account or card, being able to enter each of the movements and see the details. We can also obtain or add information to each aspect to further personalize it.

Finally, the notifications tab will tell us when an offer, surveys, or savings tips appear. Also notify us if something in our economy is not working all right with an alert message

Mooverang as a pioneer in mobile technology

Without a doubt, Mooverang understood the need of users to be able to better manage their money, without having to pay expensive consultants, and decided to launch what it is today the best and most complete tool to manage your economy.

Tablet with mooverang app

In addition to being available for all types of smartphone, it has compatibility with other equipment such as the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

In this way you can always make the best decisions since at all times you will receive notifications, alerts or tips that help you better manage and save your money.