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How to Make Your Kindle Fire Tablet Battery Charge Faster – Solution

4 de March de 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to waste, even if you’re waiting for your device to complete its battery charge. Is that, let’s accept that we are quite dependent on technology, at all times we require it to point earrings, communicate, watch movies, etc.

If you have an Amazon Kindle Fire, of course, you use it for all your work and recreational goals, so you don’t want it to be without a battery, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for it to charge either. Today we will give you the best tricks, so that you can speed up this process and always have it available.

Why is your tablet charging too slow?

If lately you notice that your device takes a long time to reach full battery level, you might be feeling a bit confused about what steps to take, you may even have considered factory data reset of your Kindle Fire. In these circumstances, the first thing is to understand why the slow charge originates.

Moreover, first make sure that the loading time is really outside the parameters or normal range of time, since subjectivity in these cases can be a factor against it. As much as you feel like you need to speed up the process, it’s only natural that it should take about four hours for the device to replenish its energy levels.

You connect it to a computer

Now, when you progressively notice that the Kindle Fire tablet needs more time to reach maximum charge, you can sense that there is a problem. There are critical cases, where the device requires up to 14 hours to recover the battery level, which is excessive.

connecting kindle fire to computer

One of the most frequent causes of this situation is given by a bad procedure, connect the tablet using a USB cable to the computer. This act is not correct, the objective of allowing this connection between both computers is not the transmission of load, but the intercommunication of files and other data.

So when you use it as the main means to replenish your battery, you are generating progressive damage to the tablet, since the power emitted by the USB ports is insufficient to generate an optimal charge, even more so if it is a laptop. .

You use the tablet while it is charging

On the other hand, even if you do not connect it to a computer, but you do it where it corresponds, to the outlet, but you often tend to manipulate it during its charging period, we inform you that this slows down the process. You may find it logical that being connected is the ideal time to use it, but this is incorrect.

These actions not only slow down the charging process, but in the long run, they prevent the Amazon Fire from receiving some battery, rather it will only prevent the one it already has from being consumed or slow it down.

It is recommended that you proceed to avoid automatic playback of videos or games, and ultimately, leave it with the screen off during this period. With just this simple change, you’ll likely see a big difference in battery charge time.

How to make a Kindle Fire tablet battery charge faster?

disabling functions while charging the tablet

We cannot deny that these devices have great benefits and a good price-quality ratio, so if you are interested in having it, do not hesitate to come and get your kindle fire on amazon. But once you have it in hand, make sure take care measures which requires.

The most important ones are related to the way you have to charge it, since it is one of the most frequent problems that occur with this type of device. The idea is to preserve before repairing, so pay close attention to what comes next.

Using the tablet’s wall charger

When you buy the tablet you will notice that the cable is included with it USB and wall charger, specially designed for your model. These basic accessories guarantee the input of the corresponding amperage to the device, therefore, the charging time will be ideal. But, if your tablet’s battery currently takes an extraordinary time to get its charge, you can apply palliative measures that improve the situation.

Among these, get a higher amperage charger, the original of the Kindle Fire usually provides an input of 1,000 mA per hour, some available in the market almost double this capacity, which would cut the charging time in half. But you should make sure you know the specifications of your Kindle model, and not give it more power than it would support.

Disabling some features while the battery is charging

Other actions that you should take, if the charging period of your device is really high, or you simply have little time for it, is to remove the voice on a Kindle Fire tablet, disable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and even turn on airplane mode. Thus, all the resources of your tablet will be working to feed the battery quickly.

When is it advisable to buy a new charger for your device?

You may consider replacing the wall charger to speed up your device’s response during this procedure. Although it is possible to change the original for one with a higher amperage, we recommend you better evaluate the life of the battery itself, it may be better to replace it, to solve charging problems.