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How to Make the Fog Effect in Photoshop in a Realistic Way?

18 de February de 2022

Photoshop is perhaps the most popular software dedicated to editing photos and images. Since its original version, its basic use has been to retouch photographs with a series of effects, marks and treatments. Today it is a commonly used tool for all types of users, including professionals. By downloading Photoshop from its official website you can have access to all its functions with the guarantee of optimal operation.

What versions of Photoshop allow you to put fog on your photos?

Since its launch in 1990, Photoshop has been updating its versions with significant changes. This software has made it possible to create elegant and attractive effects for your images. Wrapping it in a mist will take your photography from being simple to approaching a work of art. This effect can be enjoyed since 2005 with version CS2 and with the superior ones always with important improvements.

How can you create the fog effect using Photoshop?

You can let your imagination fly and produce your own works from a simple family photo or a natural landscape. The possibilities offered by Photoshop are immense. Intensifying its color and putting drops of water on an apple prove your good taste and fascination for the original. The fog effect can give your creation that romantic, mysterious or even gloomy touch. With these simple steps you can give it that interesting element:

  1. Open the image you want to edit.
  2. Press ctrl+j to duplicate the layer.
  3. Go to the “images-adjustment-levels” tab.
  4. In output levels set it to 90%.
  5. Go to the bottom menu and press “create a mask layer”.
  6. In the “gradient” tool press the colors from black to white.
  7. At the bottom of the image draw a straight line.
  8. With the brush with a hardness of 0% and a size of 300 select the color white.
  9. Apply in all the areas where you want the mist effect.

Using the depth blur filter

It is recommended that before taking your picture you make the adjustments of your camera to capture the depth. But if you did not take this forecast, Photoshop offers you a solution. With the depth blur filter you can change flat appearance of your photograph and create a more attractive and more realistic depth effect. With these steps you can easily achieve it:

applying blur filter in photoshop

  1. Select your image and in the menu click on duplicate layer.
  2. Click on canvas size.
  3. Select the part of the image you want to highlight.
  4. Use the “lasso / draw” tool around the object.
  5. Drag the image onto the empty canvas with the move tool.
  6. Switch to the “move with content direction” tool.
  7. Drag the selection to the previous empty canvas space.
  8. Clips the background of the remaining canvas including the dragged object and returns to the original canvas.
  9. In the menu click on filter and then on “field blur”.
  10. Add another mask layer and flatten the layers.

Using ‘Camera Raw’

Raw Camera corresponds to what you previously knew as negatives of photographs. Raw grayscale images are stored in these files. You can remove the white background in Photoshop and edit the images at any time. This software interprets that data to build color images, with their proper tonal range, contrast, and focus.

How do you use the ‘difference clouds’ filter to make a fog effect with this program?

The cloud effect in Photoshop produces a special atmosphere in your images giving it a additional effect of depth. These can be superimposed or combined with the fog layers. Giving it a certain splendid appearance so that both day and night it adorns with its different shades of gray even with the most pristine white. With these steps you can achieve this interesting effect:

  1. Create a document and apply a gradient.
  2. Adjust the resolution.
  3. Select “RGB” color mode.
  4. In the menu click on “image” and then on “mode”.
  5. Select the desired color mode.
  6. Go to the “layers” panel and create a new one.
  7. Click on “filters” and then “render clouds”.
  8. Adjust the levels of the clouds already created by Photoshop.

fog effect in photoshop

What can you do to make the fog effect look even more realistic in Photoshop?

To give a more realistic effect to your photos, using the fog effect can reduce its density in some parts of your image and even eliminate it. A few light rays in Photoshop to create a nice effect can achieve a great result by letting them pass through a dense fog. You can clear it to a greater or lesser degree using the different sizes and texture of the brush tool.