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How to make money playing in Splinterlands? – Appropriate Strategies

31 de March de 2022

Splinterlands, it is a collectible card game, where the objective is to build a good deck of cards that allows you to destroy to face your opponents. But the best thing about Splinterlands is that each card is an NFT, which makes it a game that allows its users to earn money by playing.

Being an NFT game, it is to be assumed that forms of payment are through cryptocurrency transactions. For starting to earn money in splinterlands it is necessary that you carry out some procedures, which will allow you to generate money playing.

What do I have to do to play and earn money with Splinterlands?

Before start playing in splinterlands, you need to keep in mind that in order to start earning money playing, you need to meet certain requirements. To earn money in Splinterlands, you will first need to skip Practice mode, and then you need to reach at least 100 points in the game. You need to complete both of these things to start earning money in this game.

Skip ‘Practice’ mode

Before you start playing Splinterlands, you need to know that currently there are six in the game suspenders. Which are based on player skill, are rookie, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and champion. Once you start playing the game, it places you in practice mode; however, the best thing to do is to skip practice mode.

To start generating money as soon as possible, it is recommended to skip the practice mode, and start ranked battles from the beginning. You need to win enough matches so that you can increase your position on the leaderboard. By improving your position you will be able to enter higher leagues, which will allow you to unlock the recipes of the levels you pass.

Once you skip practice mode, you’ll need to play enough games until advance to the second level. Every time you advance to a new level you will be able to collect greater rewards and it will also allow you to access exclusive cards of that level.

Reach at least 100 points in the game

The chance you have to earn money in the game after you reach a certain number of points in the game. In order to start earning money in the game it is necessary reach at least 100 points.

Therefore, you need to start ranked battles once you create your account in the game, as this way you will not lose time or ranking pointsso you will have more chances to reach 100 points in a short time.

Once you reach the required number of points, you can start losing points in battle. Since once you reach this requirement, you will have the option to redeem redeem rewards for in-game currency.

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How does the gameplay work in Splinterlands?

To be successful in the game you need to know the dynamics of the game before you start playing. For achieve a victory in the game, you will have to have a good plan of attack, to do so you will need to put together the play well before starting the game. You will also have to create suitable strategies to avoid the descent of a monster.

Play the game well

Before starting a game, the best thing you can do is put together a good play. since this It will allow you to have more chances of victory. You can set up a quick and easy game but have a strategy in the choice of each move.

Strategies is the most important part of a game, since in a game you will only have an opportunity to throw one play per battle. If you strategically build a game, the chances of losing a game will be minimal. Since you will have an advantage over your opponent.

A play in the Splinterlands game is validated by attributes that are allowed, ie mana value and rule set. The play must consist of the selection of a summoner and a certain number of monsters. The number of monsters that you can summon will depend on the mana you have proposed, which can be up to a maximum of 6 monsters per play.

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Proper strategies to avoid the descent of a monster

It is important that you create a proper strategy, because once you start the battle, you will have two minutes to plan your strategy. The first choice you will have is to choose a summoner, which will determine which monsters you can use in the game. This is because once you start the battle, the boosts and buff abilities of the monsters will be granted from the innovative summoners.

The granting of increases and abilities, depend on the characteristics of the summoner. Therefore, you must strategically select the summoner that you are going to use in battle. In addition to the increases and abilities, it will also depend on the type of monster you choose to battle.

As well you must take into account the position of the monsters, since this is a very important part during the battle. Because the monster that is located in the first position will take the most damage. So it is advisable that you use a good strategy to avoid the descent of the first monster.

How to know the statistics of the monsters in Splinterlands?

Splinterlands battles are automated so each monster has a combat stat. This series of stats is associated with your attack speed, health and defenseIn addition, some also have special abilities. So you can build a good strategy according to the statistics of the monsters. When you know the stat of each monster, you can choose to place the monsters in specific position according to combat characteristics.

A monster’s stat is determined by the formation the player sends out and the outcome of the battle. Because you will be able to know statistics of a monsterdepending on their card stats and also the abilities each monster and summoner possess.