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How to Make Custom Frames Within Minecraft? – Design yourself

31 de January de 2022

If you are a fan of the popular construction game, Minecraft, you have surely noticed some pictures or custom paintings by other players, you may wonder how they do it, and it is precisely what we will teach you today to achieve, just keep reading.

How many paintings are there in Minecraft and how to choose the one you like the most?

It is understandable that you seek to fully customize your house in Minecraft so that it stands out as much as possible, a good option is to add new paintings. The manufacturing process is quite simple and you can display it on any wall of the game as decoration.

When you start the creation process you will notice that there are 26 options available from which the choice will be random. In case you did not know, you can play Minecraft with split screen, which gives you the option of playing two PJs on the same console, continue and we will tell you more curiosities about using the game.

What dimensions should a box have in Minecraft?

The size of the Minecraft paintings or paintings may vary, the size of the smallest ones cover only one block, that is, 16×16 pixels, the largest cover 4×4 blocks. Which means that they cover 64×64 pixels, log in to Minecraft so you can access all the types of paintings found there, below we explain the specifications of each one:

  • 1×1 Paintings: Measure 16×16 pixels, that’s 7 total 1×1 blocks.
  • 2×1 Paintings: They measure 32×16 pixels, they are 5 paintings in 2×1 blocks.
  • 1×2 paintings: They measure 32×16 pixels, they are only 2 of 1×2 blocks.
  • 2×2 paintings: They measure 32×32 pixels, there are 6 of these paintings.
  • 4×2 Paintings: They measure 64×32 pixels, there is only 1 painting of 4 blocks of two meters.
  • 4×3 Paintings: Measuring 64×48 pixels, there are two 4×3 block paintings.
  • 4×4 Paintings: Measuring 64×64 pixels, there are 3 4×4 block paintings.

How can you put a custom frame in Minecraft?

Making a painting in Minecraft is a very simple process, however, customizing a painting requires a few additional steps, which involves modifying the resources. That is, to load a particular design to a box you must replace one of the original paintings of the gameyou achieve this from the application folder on your computer.

customize minecraft as you want

To replace an image in the game

As we have said before, the first step is taken by locating the rregister of minecraft artsto be able to make the modifications, from now on you have to take into account that you will require a file extraction software and a photo editing software, for example, WinRAR and Paint, the image to use in the painting, can be any photograph or an image created in the game.

  • Now, let’s launch the replacement from your computer by simultaneously pressing the “Win+R” keys, thus opening a new Run window.
  • There enter “%appdata%” and click Enter.
  • In the newly opened folder, locate “minecraft.jar” and right click on it, from the displayed options choose “Open with”, and select “WinRAR” application, or other unzipping software of your choice.
  • As soon as you access the compressed file, go to the “art” folder and then to “kz.png”, make sure to copy the image and paste it on your desktop.
  • Now on your desktop you will open the image with the photo editing software of your choice, again, right click and Open with, to make the choice.
  • What you must do is superimpose the image of your choice, for the painting in Minecraft, on one of those that are there, you must adjust the size so that they are perfectly equal to the original.
  • Save the changes to the image with the same name “kz.png”, copy and paste it to replace the original version in the “art” folder. You can open the image again, to verify that it was modified.
  • Now you can open the game and choose the custom image you added for the box. With this technique you could replace absolutely all the images and have only original pictures. Another very interesting function that you would like to learn is to create a Nether portal in Minecraft, so that each time you would have new adventures on the platform.

If you want to create a box within Minecraft

Remember that the image of the painting can be generated within the same game and for this, what you must do is, design an object according to your own criteria and with a screenshot tool, you save it to your device.

At this point, continue with the substitution of the previous explanation, that is, paste the generated image into the image editors in the file “kz.png”, adjusting the size appropriately, save and replace the original in the database. You must be aware of always logging out of the Minecraft game in Windows, when you are no longer going to use it, especially if you share the computer with other users, protecting your information is key.

minecraft a game designed to create what you want

Why can’t you see the custom paint in-game?

It is likely that you do not see the painting among the Minecraft options for an error in the procedure, maybe you didn’t save your changes, didn’t make sure to replace the original file, etc. In these cases, you can start with the steps again, taking care to follow them to the letter and thus obtain a scene impregnated with your original stamp.