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How to Make Automatic Posts in Telegram for Groups or Channels

16 de November de 2021

The Telegram platform has been gaining users who have verified that the messaging service has tools that are varied and very practical. You can sync your social networks to your Telegram channel and also pin messages on that channel. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading.

What is the way in which you can synchronize your networks with your Telegram channel?

Technology continues to advance allowing the platforms that are used today to communicate can be synchronized facilitating interaction In social networks, the same happens with Telegram. You can create a Telegram channel and synchronize your networks with your that channel.

From WordPress

Telegram is a growing messaging service and you can connect your networks or applications to it, such as the WordPress application. It is a tool that allows you to manage ideal content for your website, so that you can generate visits to your page. You can receive WordPress notifications directly to your Telegram and send users to your Telegram channel.

Creating a bot

The best way to take advantage of the Telegram application is by creating a bot, this will be responsible for move your website content to your Telegram channel without having to resort to copying and pasting the information in the messaging. The first thing you should do is locate the bot called BotFather in the Telegram application.

Click on Start, fill in the information in the text fields, add a name and a profile photo and add a description. It is very important that the name of the bot ends with that phrase. In this way, the bot will be in charge of executing the mechanical tasks such as disseminating the information.

Make a plugin with WordPress

You must make two plugins with WordPress using the plugins. That way it will allow you organize the content that you will create and that you want to send to your channel or website. All in order to integrate WordPress to your website.

From Instagram

First you must have a link from your Telegram channel, that link is copied and pasted on your Instagram profile, specifically where it says website. Thus, those who visit your Instagram profile can join by a link directly to your Telegram channel and know the content you share, and the news you show.

From YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you can place in your videos that you show on this platform the link to your Telegram channel. That way the Visitors and subscribers will be able to access your Telegram channel and know the content you display. Also with Telegram bots you can access YouTube videos. It is an excellent idea to reach more users who use various platforms.

How can the most important messages be pinned on Telegram channels?

The platform also gives you the opportunity to anchor your messages in a Telegram group or channel, those messages that deserve special attention from those you have added to the Telegram group or channel. See how to do it from different devices.

using telegram on mobile

On Android

You open the Telegram application, enter the chat and select the message you want to anchor. Several options will be displayed in a pop-up window, You must choose the option to Anchor message. When performing this action, it will ask you if you want all the contacts of the Telegram channel to be notified about the message that has been set, click on Ok. The message will be posted at the top of the Telegram channel.

With iOS

The steps are similar with the difference that when entering the chat you must hold down the message to be set for a few seconds, then you will see that a small window appears with options including Anchor message, choose if you want to notify your channel contacts about the action and then click Ok.

From Telegram Web

To pin a message using Telegram web, you proceed as follows. You log in to the Telegram platform, you are in the channel, you choose the message that you are going to set as a priority. Click on the option to Pin message, also here you can choose between notifying the followers or not. The message will be displayed first.