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How to make an index or tables of contents in LibreOffice Writer

22 de April de 2021

How much we appreciate that a document with a large amount of information has a table of contents to position ourselves on specific issues. For this reason, when we create a document in LibreOffice Writer we have several options such as automatically numbering titles, as well as we can use a content index to sort the information. In this post we will explain how to make an index or table of contents in LibreOffice.

This can give us an overview of what the document contains, as well as show the page where each reference is located. We use these types of tables when we study, work or research and we know how useful they can be. And not only this, but people who want to take a look at them will appreciate it when we put it on. If you want to know how hCreate an index or table of contents in LibreOffice Writer you have come to the right place. Sit down and enjoy this post that we prepare for you.

How do we organize a table of contents in LibreOffice Writer?

Our documents already have the best partner to add their content index, since Writer provides us with a great tool for this. There you will find similar functions when numbering lines or paragraphs in Word.

When we want to establish this index, it is essential create the document using the preset heading paragraph styles. By having them properly structured, we can create our table of contents with just a few clicks.

insert table of contents in LibreOffice Writer

We will think about placing a hierarchical structure in the document: chapter, section, topic. Also that the titles of these elements have a paragraph style assigned, such as “Heading 1”, “Heading 2” and so on.

What to do to insert the table of contents?

Anywhere in the document LibreOffice Writer indexes and tables of contents can be added. We usually place them at the beginning or at the end, but they can also appear in other places in the document.

Located on the page where we want to insert the table of contents, we search the insert menu – Summary and index – Summary, index or bibliography. If you have an older version of Writer in the insert menu you will find it as “Indices and tables” – “Indices”.

On the screen that appears we will have on the left a preview the type of index chosen, as well as the changes that we are applying. If we observe that it does not appear, we must activate it in the box next to the “Help” button.

To look at all the options that we can apply to the indexes and tables of contents, the tabs where we will find them are shown to the right of the screen.

In the “Type” drop-down of the “Index” tab, the options that we can change according to the type of index we are trying to create are indicated. The “Summary”, which we will find in other versions such as «Index of contents» or «Table of contents», is the most used alternative.

But we will also have the options to create alphabetical indexes, of figures and tables, among other options. We can complete various options depending on the type of index selected.

In order to insert table of contents on the sheet, we simply press accept and it will appear immediately in the LibreOffice Writer document.

This table we can even customize your design. We will also notice that the table appears with a shaded background, this is to remind us that it is a special area. But we have the option to remove it or change its color by going to the “Tools” menu.

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How do we update the indices?

In the context menu we will have the option “Update index”. By clicking on it, all the modifications made to the document that influence the the index will be updated and they will see each other immediately.

Also, we can go to the menu “Tools” – “Update” – “Current Index” to perform the update. All tables of contents present in the document can go through this procedure with just one order.

Have an index or table of contents in LibreOffice Writer it can turn out to be a fairly straightforward task. We recommend that you follow the steps that we have shown you in this post, it will be of great help when writing your documents. In turn, we invite you to explore other tutorials, where you will find more information to insert tables of contents in other applications such as Publisher. We would like to read your comment on this information that we are happy to find for you.