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How to Make a Routine with Amazon Smart Plug for the Operation of my house?

17 de January de 2022

We have reached the era in which from a mobile device we can program the actions in our home. The Amazon Smart Plug program allows you to manipulate any electrical outlet with your voice, and in this way you can control any system or equipment that is connected to your Amazon Smart Plug, including objects such as television, coffee maker, light switches, blinds , the parking gate among others. With the Alexa team assistant you can up to create routines that make life easier for you at home.

What elements do you need to create a routine for the operation of your house from Smart Plug?

There are ways to make your home smart without much investment. However, smart plugs have become an essential tool for Smart homes, being able to connect any accessory in your home that you want to incorporate into your daily routine and activate it from your Android or IOS phone or with just a voice command. One of the main things required is have a mobile device that supports these featuresalong with other items.

Amazon Alexa Device

For incorporate the Alexa assistant into your home, you will need a smart device, a mobile device that is compatible with Amazon Alexa will suffice. There are currently some third-party systems and there are several smart home systems that use this system, among them we have: Wink, SmartThings and Logitech Harmony.

Currently, there is a wide range of devices and equipment on the market that work with Amazon Smart Plug technology, Alexa has become the preferred Home assistant, due to the variety of commands and functions that it has incorporated, making people’s lives easier with the use of technology.

To incorporate the elements you want to your list or routine of daily activities, you must purchase the accessories you want to incorporate, taking into account that they are compatible with Amazon Smart Plug. The Alexa app is compatible with devices Android, FireOS and iOS.

Wi-Fi Smart Switches and Photos

There are various models of smart switches on the market, which are managed through an app, the important thing is that these devices are compatible to install the virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon.

These plugs require to be connected to the ground, which is a security measure that new constructions currently have, which is why when trying to install these devices in your home you must know the type of building, because if it is an old construction it will not have this specification.

switch amazon smart plug

Regarding the operation of switches you must take into account the following: Current intensity of 10-16 amps, the maximum power is 3680 W and compatibility with devices, Android, Fire OS and iOS.

How do I schedule actions in my home to activate only with the Amazon Smart Plug?

Just by having the Amazon Smart Plug application installed, you can not only manage actions, but also program routines that allow you to manage your smart home from anywhere, with just a voice command or by setting a custom routine.

From the Alexa App

  • Activate the Alexa app on your iOS, Android, or FireOS device. Then, press the ‘Routines’ option in the menu, click the plus icon (+) located at the top right of your device screen.
  • Press the ‘Schedule’ option and choose the date you want to perform the routine. Select ‘Done’ and press the plus (+) located on the ‘Add action’ option.
  • Select the Smart Home option, look in the menu for the device name of your Smart Plug. Click on ‘Enabled’ or in case you want to remove the routine ‘Disabled’‘. Tap on ‘Next’, to finish press ‘Save’.

What is the way to set up Amazon Smart Plug if you have more than one device?

If what you want is Incorporate multiple devices from one Smart Plug oy you want to activate or deactivate all at the same time, you can do it in a very simple way, incorporating all the elements into a Smart Home group. In this way you can activate a playlist, where you incorporate the turning on of the alarm clock, the coffee maker, turning the lights on or off, closing or opening the blinds, among others.

tv connected to amazon smart plug

The assistant included in the program is so complete that when loading each step, the next option will indicating what you should be doing in the systemHere are the steps in a simple way:

  1. Activate Alexa on your device and look for the ‘Devices’ option in the menu. Next, press plus or more (+).
  2. Select the Add group option and a list of names will appear, you can choose one or customize the name. Then click on the word Next.
  3. Finally, you must choose the devices or elements that you want to incorporate into the group. To finish, always press on the option that indicates Save.