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How to make a dynamic bar or pie chart in LibreOffice Calc

18 de April de 2021

Understanding the numerical data that a LibreOffice spreadsheet provides us will always be very beneficial, it will speak well of you as a professional. LibreOffice Calc It gives us the option to visually present the figures in a graph in your spreadsheet, you can make a dynamic bar or pie chart in Calc, they are an excellent support to better interpret the data that we have written down on the sheet. . You will be delighted to know that we have prepared this post so that you can learn how you can do one of these graphics.

It is important because the use of the graphics They play an important role in understanding this data. With them it is easier to analyze, know, compare figures, situations and how they relate to each other. This allows our mind to better understand all those numbers presented.

Create your dynamic bar or pie chart using Calc in a few minutes

If you already have installed this program that comes with the free LibreOffice software, then open it and empty the data you want to appear on the graph. It does not matter if there are many or few, the important thing is that they are well identified and organized so that our work becomes much easier.

As we all know, the spreadsheet has a set of cells that we can place in a range. Here both the cells with the titles will be present, as well as the figures assigned for them.

So what we will do is select cell range where is all the information. Once this is done, we go to the “Insert” section that we will locate at the top of the page.

The LibreOffice Calc program

A tab with several options will be displayed, we will notice that almost at the end there is the one that interests us this time, the “Chart” button. We click and now we will have the “Graphics Wizard”.

We will see how automatically, a column chart is already reflected in the spreadsheet that by default shows us the data. But let’s not worry, we have options to customize the information.

In the dialog that the window of the “Graphics Wizard”On the left side we find four steps to carry out the modifications. These are: 1. Type of chart; 2. Data range; 3. Data series and 4. Chart elements.

By pressing the first step, on the right we can select the chart type what do i wants. Here we will find the option “Bar” and “Circle” that we could also call cake.

Once we have selected the one we will use, we can assign a shape and if we want the graph to be observed in 3D as well. As we customize the elements, we will see how the spreadsheet also changes.

If we already see that our bar or pie chart looks good, we press the “Finish” button and that’s it! It will be inserted into the sheet. We can also continue modifying it by pressing “Next”.

What other modifications can we make to our bar or pie chart?

Step 2, data range, shows us the cells where the information is and the variations that we can make in each row or column where there is data. We also assign which of the rows or columns we will place as a label.

A pie chart in LibreOffice Calc

Step 3, “Data series”, is used when there are multiple data sets. While the fourth step, “Graphics elements”, is used to assign titles, subtitles, descriptions, display captions and grids. Likewise, when making modifications in all these fields, we press “Finish” and our graph will be ready.

This LibreOffice Calc tool to create our dynamic bar or pie charts will help us a lot in the presentation and interpretation of information. You can also export XML graphics files to a Calc spreadsheet easily. In this tutorial we wanted to show you how to use it when creating your own graph. Your opinion is important to us, that is why we want you to leave your comment in the box.