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How to Lock my Samsung Cell Phone with IMEI Number – Full Tutorial

28 de January de 2022

Nowadays the increase in the rate of phones reported as stolen or lost has increased enormously. To such an extent that the different mobile developers have been improving the platforms so that the user can personally block his mobile and thus prevent third parties from making use of the personal information inside the lost phone.

Samsung, for its part, allows users to easily block their mobile with the IMEI number. You only have to know the data associated with your Samsung mobile, in order to achieve lock your device and restrict access to it.

What is the first thing you should do if your cell phone has been stolen?

First of all, stay calm; Having your mobile stolen is not an easy time to overcome, because you feel vulnerable, but do not let yourself be overcome by fear and stay calm, so that you can think carefully about what you should do next. But, to help you, we are going to indicate What should you do if your Samsung mobile is stolen?

Well, it will sound illogical, but make sure if the mobile is really lost or stolen, because the person who has it may want to return it instead of keeping it, so you can call your mobile to see if they answer. Now, if the mobile has been stolen by people with bad intentions, then start by trying to track it with the different applications that are installed on Samsung mobiles, such as, ‘Find my device’ from Google.

When you confirm the iinformation of the recent location of the mobile, You can hand it over to the police to make the respective complaint or leave it there. Well, it is no secret to anyone that people who lose their lives or are injured when trying to recover their lost mobile by their own means are frequent.

Remember, that this is a job of the police and the different security agencies. Now, what you can do is continue on cancel SIM card and ask for a duplicate at your mobile operator’s agency so that the thief cannot call or receive texts on your mobile, so that he cannot access the confirmation of many banking operations, applications, or information that is accessed in this way.

You can do this procedure from the web or by making a call from another mobile and confirming your personal data. On the other hand, continue to change all possible passwords, so that on the mobile active sessions are closed. Change the password of your Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Google, Bank account applications, and log out of your WhatsApp account with the duplicate SimCard on another mobile.

Where can I check the IMEI number of my Samsung cell phone?

mobile tracking map

The IMEI is a serial number that allows the manufacturers of a communication device to be identified internationally. This 15-digit code allows you to locate it in case of theft or loss, and in that case block it. That is why it is important to always have the IMEI code at hand.

The traditional way to find the IMEI on a mobile is, dialing the code *#06# on the keyboard of the application to call on your phone, a window will automatically open with all your mobile data. On the back of the device, attached to its lid, there is a factory label with said data. Also on cell phones that have a removable battery, you can see the code on the inside where the battery is placed.

But, the above is done before your mobile is stolen as a precaution for when this could happen, especially if you have valuable information on the phone. Now, if you didn’t write down the code and your mobile was stolen, don’t worry! You can still get it if you keep the equipment box, because there, in the Android box has a label on the back where you will find the specifications of the mobile, such as its IMEI number.

What is the procedure to block your Samsung cell phone with the IMEI?

interface samsung find my mobile

If you already know the IMEI of your mobile, you can continue by performing the procedure for locate the stolen terminal. Now, in order to block it, you must have previous active options within your Samsung, and although no one is prepared for their mobile to be stolen, if you can keep applications on that are alert in case it happens.

From Find My Mobile

Locate my mobile or ‘Find My Mobile’ is an option that comes with Samsung devices, an option that must be activated since we purchased the mobile in order to have the application in emergency situations. If your mobile has been stolen you can use this function, but you must consider that the mobile in question must be turned on, connected to the internet and you must have previously registered your Samsung account and activated the option ‘Remote Unlock’ on your smartphone.

Select the name of the stolen mobile and access actions such as ‘Ringer’ to make it ring even if it is silent, in case you suspect that someone close took it. ‘Lock and unlock’ option to activate lock screen, track your location, wipe datamake a security copy, turn on battery saver and retrieve messages or calls.

With google

Android devices can be tracked through the Android Find appwith which you can access your Google account, select the linked mobile that has been stolen and access the different tracking options and settings that the application offers you.

android interface find my

Is it possible to restrict access to my Samsung phone without the IMEI?

You can use apps like Find my Mobile and Android Find by Google to track, perform data wipe, etc. But, with the IMEI you block the mobile and prevent the thief from using the services of your SIM card, so that in this way he does not access important personal data or perform actions in applications associated with your SimCard.