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How to Know the Number of Subscribers My Podcast Has and Where My Audience Is

27 de March de 2022

One of the most popular forms of entertainment today are podcasts. Although they have been on the internet for several years, it is in recent months that their popularity has grown exponentially. Social networks are evolving every year and consequently, new forms and ways of entertainment appear.

Some of these are programs like podcasts attract a large audience. For this reason, one of the questions that content creators have is how many subscribers their podcast has and where in the world their subscribers are located. That is why in this article of see how it is done we will teach you everything about the subject.

How to see the count of my subscribers to my program?

If you have a podcast and you want to see the count of your followers on the show, it will depend on the application you are using. This is because it is usually more popular in one of them. So you can get higher statistics in a podcast published on the Spotify platform than on the Apple platform, or vice versa.

For this reason, it is essential to really analyze the activity in the different accounts to find out how popular it is and how many people it is reaching. Only in this way will you have a global view of its popularity.

new subscribers

New subscribers will be able to reflect on the different platforms, these are not related to the popularity of the program, since this is usually uneven. However, you can see the activity in each of your accounts and know the number of subscribers you currently have, such as on YouTube.

On the other hand, the number of subscribers will be higher on the platform that the creator of the content gives you more publicity. Either because you like it or because you have some kind of contract with it. That is why the number of new subscribers will vary depending on the platform and not on its popularity.

How to analyze data to gain perspective on the popularity of the podcast?

Since the data that the platforms give us is not totally reliable, we must analyze what is in our hands. In this way we will have as close a perspective as possible of the popularity of our podcast.

Usually, the popularity of it will be based on the movement of the accounts in the different applications where our podcast is shown. Since it will really show us the movement that we have when uploading a new episode.

how to know where the podcast audience is

social media

Social media is a good way to analyze the popularity of it. This is because they will cover more applications, thus interacting with the people who like the program in the different social networks.

This will help increase the popularity of the podcast and connect the podcast owner(s) with their audience. In this way you will reach establish a more pleasant and close relationship with your audience.

downloads and games

This is another way to analyze the popularity because in general the platforms show a number of times that the program has been downloaded. However, it must be taken into account that in order to have a closer look at the exact number, the last uploaded episodes must be observed.

This is done for the purpose of avoid analyzing episodes that have a long time on the platform. Because the number of views will accumulate over time, it is therefore accurate to analyze the current statistics.

Total number of subscribers

As we have already seen, subscribers are not a way of knowing the total popularity of the podcast. This is not the only measure that must be followed, since there are random visits. These generally come from the publicity of the same, which does not mean that they are frequent listeners but occasional.

In this way, this type of subscribers will not be active on all posts from account. Therefore, the total number of subscribers does not really determine the popularity of it.

how to know the statistics of my podcast

What are the steps to access statistics on Spotify?

If you want to know what your Spotify statistics are, you must follow some simple steps. These are shown as a summary of the activity you have achieved in the time you have been uploading your podcast episodes to the streaming platform.

Statistics found

To see your statistics episodes uploaded to your Spotify account, you must enter the podcast option in Spotify. Once you are inside on the right side of the page see all the episodes you have uploaded.

In this part you must select the episode, among those that you have published to your account, and from which you want to analyze to see the statistics. One of them is the number of users listening to your episodes, those who have listened for more than a minute and those who have listened to only one episode. This way you can see the popularity of your podcast based on its statistics.