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How to know if my website is indexed in Google? – Useful tools

16 de February de 2022

We all want to have a website visited by many users. The best way to make yourself visible on the web is to design a page with a topic of collective interest and whose content satisfies the interests or needs of many. Because, to ensure that many can take better advantage of what you offer on your website, you must index your page in Google.

This is a very fundamental process if you want to position yourself on the web. So whether you have recently created your website or are thinking of taking that step, we suggest you read this article to the end. You will be able to know the requirements that your page must have to be indexed, the steps to index your page in Google and how to know that the process was carried out correctly.

What requirements must the content of a website meet in order to be indexed?

In times of digitization and the expansion of the use of the Internet connection, they have made it possible for we can access the information through the weband even many people have edited their pages either to promote a product or service or simply provide information on other topics of interest.

Currently, many have been attracted to the idea of ​​undertaking in a field and to make themselves known they have designed their own space on the web. So it is very important that your website is indexed in the network. This term, index, refers to add your site to the Google search index.

That way, when someone does a search on the subject of your website, your website appears in the results of that search. You may be wondering how to get your page indexed on the Google website and positioned. To be indexed, the page you have created must meet certain requirements such as be well structured, with eye-catching and interesting content and optimized with SEO tools. So you must configure your page very well and one way to do it is by optimizing the keywords of your web page to improve SEO.

What is the way indexing works in Google?

Google is a large company that has millions of websites in its database, and numerous pages are created every day. So that Google is always on the lookout for that new content and site to include in its such a way that it is accessible so that others can enter it when they carry out a search related to the topic of your web page.

That is why it is important that you know how indexing works in Google. It may happen that after you have created your page, nobody knows it, it does not appear among the search results. This is precisely because it is not indexed. We will show you how indexing works in Google.

Crawling or Crawling

As we have mentioned, Google is aware of any modification that is made to a website as well as the new pages that are created. This is possible because Google has software that allows you to locate websites. This tracker is constantly operating within the web to find those new sites or the news or changes that have been incorporated into another.

Especially from the pages that are in your database or index. In this way, when Google finds that page, through its tracking and information provided by the webmaster, it immediately annexes its search index. That way, a page will be able to appear in the Google browser.

google crawling website

Publication and positioning

The publication and positioning of your site on the web occurs when a user performs a search on the network and Google does the coding of that search and shows the results of sites related to that search, either through a page, a video or a web page. image.

How can I know if my page is indexed or not?

Indexing a site in Google is very useful and important for any website. To know if your web page is indexed in Google correctly, you must first enter the Google site and write the word Site in the search bar, followed by a colon and the name of your domain or site, ending with the dot com, such as: Site:, excluding http. After typing the name of your page, click on Search.

You will be able to see in the search results all the pages where your website appears, that is, it is indexed on the internet. That way you can verify and verify that your website is indexed in Google. This will allow many people to know what it is about and position yourself on the web.

How to index my web page to appear in Google results?

In order to effectively index your web page, you must take the following steps: First, use the Google Search Console tool that will allow you to know the status of your website, it shows you the errors and the changes you must make so that it can be indexed, so you must download this tool totally free to link your page;

The steps to do it are: create a map of your website that provides information about your website, you go to Google Search Console and choose the Sitemaps option. There you write the URL of the sitemaps and press Submit. Google will insert the map of your page to verify them with all those that are in its base.

google sears console tool

To create the Sitemap, that is, a map of your web page, which includes a text file or in XML format, so you must also enter the address or URL of it. You can use a WordPress tool to automate the procedure and that’s it, so you can have your Sitemap. Now verify that it has been indexed by Google with the steps that we have detailed in this article.