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How to know if my email accounts have been hacked?

28 de June de 2021

It is a fear that we always feel with our email accounts, that someone, a hacker manages to violate the security systems and may have access to valuable and sensitive information. Especially those that have to do with my bank accounts or credit or debit card details. But it is possible to know if my Email accounts have been Hacked.

This is undoubtedly the question that users ask themselves since millions of accounts have suffered from attacks on privacy and security. Studies show that around 800 million accounts have been Hacked. And this is alarming because it turns out then that the shields we put up to protect ourselves are of no use.

Although there are currently very good email providers, we do not know which of them it is their turn and we are one of the statistics that we have just shared. It is that trying to implement all the security protocols that exist, should be one of our priorities and not leave it so easy for them cyber hackers.

How do I know if my email accounts have been hacked?

But we may not realize how important it is to maintain the safety of our mail account. Well, look at something, that you go beyond stealing your information and that is that these Hackers can in a certain way impersonate your identity. What does this mean that they can do whatever they want such as shopping online impersonating you.

Or something even more delicate, through your account send Trojans or spam On a massive scale, if you realize the magnitude of what this means, it translates into loss of money. As well as the damage of other accounts where the only person responsible is you. Even crimes can be committed with the impersonation of your identity, so we must be attentive to this.

So to avoid this situation you must take the reins in your hands and use the most current means to avoid being a victim of hacker. One of the most used for its high level of security is two-factor authentication. Where in addition to entering the password you must enter a code that is sent to your mobile by text message.

How to check that my email was hacked

In the network we can find different pages that offer us this service and we can find out if my email accounts have been hacked. These pages perform an analysis through botnets or data filtering and can check when entering your email account if it has been Hacked. There are also other websites that are responsible for checking if your password has been violated.

Then we are going to use these tools that the network offers us and in the first place we recommend Have i been pwned. A page that according to its creator Troy Hunt will allow you to know if your email account has been Hacked or not. It is a magnificent tool that will get you out of your doubts, but it will also tell you the users with whom it has been used on other web pages.

Another web page you can use BreachAlarm, is used in a similar way to the previous page that we already told you about. You must enter your email address and at once start the search. She is in charge of seeing if a Hacker has negotiated your address or password on the deep internet. It has a database that exceeds 800 million email addresses.

Another that you can use and will help you a lot if you use the Mozilla browser is Firefox Monitor, this one uses the Have I Been Pwned database. And you use it like the others, you type your email address and then you do a clip on Search in Firefox Monitor. After a while it will inform you if it has suffered infiltrations or if it was actually Hacked.

check hacked mail

Before finishing, remember that protections that we can apply will not protect us 100 percent, but it will always be better to take actions that allow us to prevent these attacks. Always try to have your updated antivirus and do not open files of doubtful origin.