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How to Know Exactly What Time a Person Was Born in Chile Online

28 de June de 2021

In today’s world for many people the birth of a baby It is one of the most important occasions in the family. That is why knowing every detail of the birth of a baby is essential for many.

When requesting a document or birth certificate it is necessary to know these details of the baby, but few know how to find out the exact time of birth. It is for that reason in this article we are going to show you how to find out the time of birth of your baby simply and quickly thanks to the help of an App.

What is the Rutifier app and how can it be downloaded?

Rutifier, also known as NombreRUT, is an application that has been launched in Chile in order to find everyone who lives in that country and have a RUT.

This application is free, has different functions and is compatible with any phone that has an Android system. Just by knowing the name and surname of the person you can find up to the time that person was born.

Other features that it has NameRUT, is that it allows you to get people only with the name; It has a function that allows you to know who each RUT belongs to, to know the address of the person and even to delete the personal search history. The App to find a person’s data by RUT is very easy to use and intuitive.

How to know the time of birth in Chile with the RUT?

Most hospitals have a civil registry in their organization chart so that the procedures for newborns are easier to do and thus they can have their RUT faster to speed up their civil registry. But there are cases when we want to do a procedure where it could be difficult to know the time of birth, especially when the person was born a long time ago. In that case it is highly recommended to use NombreRUT.

To begin, you must know the RUT of the person you want to search, you must enter the application and search in the tab “Search by name”, there automatically we will get the RUT of the person in question. After this step, you must access the civil registry portal, this can be done through a phone search engine. There the format for the certificates will be displayed, once there you must look for the option “birth certificate”.

newborn baby with Chilean flags

Once there, the option of the certificate for a family allowance. This process is completely free so you will not have to pay anything. With the entire process and the RUT added to the shopping cart, what remains is for you to finish the process; to complete the steps for the document to reach your email.

This document will arrive in your email in PDF format where you will find the birth certificate, with the delivery name of the baby. By opening the document you will be able to read and locate the time of birth of the person in question.

How it looks, the process is extremely easyOf course, it must be taken into account that this application is not for all countries; This service only applies to Chile. In addition, regarding the time, the year must be noted, because a while ago these requirements were not essential for some procedures.

Finally, if an error is observed, or an absence of any data such as the time, the civil registry should be contacted through the chat on the page and thus solve the situation so that the RUT is updated.

Something important to take into account is that these types of applications should not be handled by children or young people and one way to prevent them from reaching this application is by setting a password to your apps and we can help you.

The truth is that children are quite curious and skilled with technology; that is why entering this world cautiously is beneficial to them. A good way to do this is to buy a resistant electronic device adapted for children’s use.