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How to Join a Zoom room with ID and Password? – Protected Meeting

5 de November de 2021

Zoom is the popular application to hold your work meetings or conferences with friends. That is why it is important that you know the requirements to join a meeting from the different devices you have. In the article we will talk about how you can join a Zoom meeting using the ID assigned to your room.

What are the requirements you need to enter a meeting?

Zoom is the tool for hold videoconferences and other virtual meetings most popular of the moment, you can get the most out of this application to stay connected with your family members and continue doing your work activities from your home or office. In addition, you can use Zoom from your mobile device or your computer.

But before you can join a meeting via Zoom, you need to have as a requirement a ID and password, or the link to connect to the meeting. This is due to Each virtual encounter by Zoom has a unique number from 9 to 11 digits that are the coordinates to access the meeting room.

How can you save your PMI for the next virtual meetings?

The PMI is the identifier of the personal meeting. If you are a user who has the license to use the Zoom service, you can customize the digits of your PMI, you should also know that this PMI is automatically assigned as a personal Zoom room and you can use it at any time you like or even program it. for future meetings.

To save your PMI you can configure your Zoom profile. To do this, you must log in to the Zoom website, you must check the box to use PMI for upcoming meetings and you will have it saved. Also, you can customize your PMI, click on profile and next to the meeting’s personal ID, click on Edit. You enter a 10-number ID and you save the changes.

What is the correct way to enter the ID and password in a virtual room?

Joining a Zoom meeting is very easy and you can do it from the different devices you have. Here we explain how to properly enter a virtual room using the coordinates.

From your Android or iOS

You must receive an invitation with the coordinates or data to access the meeting. If you have the application on your device, you just have to click on the link and it will take you to the Zoom meeting room. If this is not the case, you must download the application from the Play Store. To join a Zoom meeting using your Android or iPhone, the procedure is as follows: You enter the Zoom application, you can join the meeting without logging in or by clicking to log in and click on Join.

zoom meeting with id and password

The window will open for you to enter the ID and password. In addition, you can change your name in Zoom before entering a meeting, in case you need it for the occasion, so everyone will know who is in the meeting. Also, you must choose if you want to connect audio and video and then click on Join the meeting, you wait to be admitted and that’s it.

Using your PC

From your PC you must first open your preferred browser to open the web version of the application. It will ask you to enter the ID and password sent by the meeting organizer or host. Once the values ​​of the room have been inserted, click on Join and you wait for the host to admit you and you will be able to enter the Zoom meeting room.

An important point is that if it is the first time that you will join the meeting from the Chrome browser, this will ask you to open the Zoom client, in that case, select the box to always open this type of link. That way it won’t ask you for the same thing next time. You open Zoom Meetings and enter values ​​for the room, as we have told you, and you will be in the meeting.

If you lost your ID, how else can you join a meeting?

In the event that you have lost or forgotten your ID, you can request that it be sent to you again or access a Zoom meeting through direct link that have been shared with you, or you can also make use of the conference call number.