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How to Invite People to Zoom Meetings From Mobile – Set Up Video Calls

19 de November de 2021

Within the video conferencing platforms, Zoom is one of the best in the world, with thousands of users who use it on a daily basis, as many of us know, within this platform we can use various functions from chatting and making videoconferences, to setting up interviews and recording meetings with people from our liking.

Likewise, we must know how to use it correctly in terms of teaching classes and also how to hold and invite meetings through WhatsApp, email and other media, which we will explain to you in this article.

What to keep in mind before inviting users to a Zoom meeting from the cell phone?

When are we going to create a meeting within Zoom, and therefore we must invite other users, it is pertinent to take into account certain clear aspects, to be able to do it correctly through our mobile device, such as:

Be subscribed to the Study Plan Add-on

As many of us know, these softwares improve performance capability When using some platforms, so by being subscribed to the Add-on, in the study plan, we will have a certainty that we can use the tool safely.

Working this as an extension when making videoconferences and meetings without any type of drops. We can do this through our browser, using a PC or computer.

Using a smartphone

If we wish invite other users to video conferences or meetings Within the Zoom platform, we can also do it easily through our mobile device for greater ease and comfort.

Having a mobile phone is very important if we use and know what Zoom is, since we use it constantly and it requires less process when using the platform from the computer or PC, so if you have one, make the most of it in your meetings within by Zoom.

While it is true that when creating or setting up meetings within Zoom, we can send invitations to other users To be part of them through our email, we just have to follow some simple and precise steps to do it the right way:

First, we must enter the Zoom platform to begin the process, then, we must click on the option that indicates ‘next’, and we choose the meeting for which we want to send the invitation.

Followed by this, click on ‘add guests’, and there we will see various options to send the invitation, from which we must choose the one that indicates ’email’, and then we send it.

invite to a meeting in zoom

Invitation from WhatsApp or Messenger

There is also the possibility of invite people to meetings within Zoom Through the instant messaging application, WhatsApp, or failing that, through the Messenger platform, in order to make it easier and we can send it to more people more efficiently, to do so, we carry out almost the same process as with the mail.

Entering Zoom directly and quickly, then click on ‘next’, and then on ‘add guests’, once this is done, we have the difference that when choosing which platform or social network we want to share said meeting or conference with , we must choose these options, that is, either Messenger or WhatsApp, in this case.

How to create an invitation link in Zoom to send to many people from your mobile?

The meetings within the Zoom platform are innovative and highly effective for many network users, so if we want to create an invitation link in it, for a meeting or videoconference, in order to share it to invite and reach many more people, we must perform the following steps:

First, we must enter the Zoom platform, being inside it, we must click on the option that indicates ‘schedule a meeting’, we must take into account that when planning the meeting, we will have to place the most important words at the beginning, then we click on ‘meetings’.

Then, having the meeting already planned, we must press on which we want to share with other users, and we click on ‘copy invitation’, by doing this, we will have copied the meeting link, which we can send through different platforms, in order to obtain more guests and people present within our meeting.