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How to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad iOS without Jailbreak? – Fast and easy

23 de July de 2021

Currently, there is a wide variety of multimedia players for mobile devices and PC. Kodi is one of these tools and it is available for iOS. In this article you will learn How to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad iOS without Jailbreak? – Fast and easy

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free application created in Open Source. Previously, it was called Xbox Media Player / Center but in 2014 it changed its name to “Kodi”.

What is Kodi for?

Kodi is functional to play multimedia content (music, videos, images) on any device and in a wide variety of formats. In fact, users can install Kodi for Roku TV in Spanish.

How does Kodi work?

Kodi contains a user interface to configure the application and make player settings. In addition, it allows you to add multimedia files and make content adjustments from the hard disk or external drives.

How to Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad iOS without Jailbreak? – Fast and easy

It is possible to install the Kodi tool on an iPhone or iPad iOs without jailbreak. With this tool you could configure and use your mobile as a remote control. To get Kodi, pay attention to the two alternatives that we explain below.

Download and install “Cydia Impactor”

Cydia Impactor is a tool for great utility for downloading applications that are not in the “Apple Store”.

Initially, you need to download the latest version of Kodi (Kodi.IPA) and the App from Cydia Impactor. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Make sure to close the iTunes application in case it opens automatically when you connect the device.

Use “Cydia Impactor” to install Kodi on your iPhone or iPad

Open the application “Cydia Impactor” and drag the file “Kodi.IPA” that you previously downloaded. Subsequently, select your mobile device from the drop-down menu and press “Start” to begin the Kodi installation process.

Access your iPhone or iPad device

When the installation of the App is finished, go to your device, locate the “Settings” and “General” section. There, you will find the “Profiles” section where you must select the one that corresponds to your “Apple ID”.

Finally, press the “Trust” button to allow the application to be used by your iPhone or iPad and open “Kodi”. If you couldn’t open Kodi after following these steps, we advise you to read the next alternative.

Download and install “iOS App Signer” and “Xcode”

There are other tools to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad: “iOS App Signer” and “Xcode” (both free). First of all, download “iOS App Signer” and unzip the file. Also, you must download and install “Xcode” from the “Mac App Store”.

Use Xcode to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad iOS without Jailbreak

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and open the “Xcode” application. Choose “Create a new Xcode project”And access the“ iOS ”section. There, you will find the “Application” section. Choose the option “Single View Application” and press the “Next” button.

A window will open to identify the application you are going to create. Write the product name “Kodi” and a company name (the one of your choice). Then press the “Next” button.

IPhone phones

Create the Kodi file

When the new window opens, locate the Kodi file you downloaded and hit the “Create” button. The error message may be displayed in this step, but you can fix it with the button “Fix Issue” after “Add” to enter your Apple ID and login.

Locate the main screen. There, you will see a message which indicates that you must choose a team of developers. Check the option that is presented and wait for the error to be resolved. If you have other devices, you can easily choose to install Kodi on a Chromebook by taking advantage of the options offered by the Google Play Store.

Use “App Signer” to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad iOS without Jailbreak

Open the “App Signer” application on your Mac computer and find the Kodi file that you just created. Access “Provisioning Profile” and select the identifier that you created previously (with the product name). Locate the option “App Display Name” and type “Kodi.” Then, press the “Start” button to start the process.

Return to “Xcode” to install Kodi on your iPhone iOS

Go back to Xcode, select “Window” and “Devices.” Choose your iOS device that you will find in a list on the left of the panel. Click on the “+” sign that appears in the lower right part of the window. Finally, open the .IPA file which was created with “App Signer” to install.