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How to Install and Use Android Apps on Windows 10 PC?

15 de June de 2021

Electronic devices have helped us greatly for many years, as time goes by they are manufactured with more advanced features. In the beginning they were only machines capable of processing information very slowly.

Such is the case of desktop computers, Little by little, more capable computers were designed to carry out more complex tasks. Such as power run programs, which were designed to perform specific tasks.

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for us, with them we can communicate and access the web in a very practical way. As well as, run amazing applications.

But at the same time there are some tools that can only be accessed via smartphone, being those of the Android operating system that stand out the most. Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can install and use Android applications on your PC.

How to install and use Android apps on Windows 10 PC?

Manufacturers of these devices must include a base system in the design of their equipment, this to allow the device to function properly. In computers, the most widely used operating system is Microsoft Windows.

Windows was officially launched in 1985, since its inception it was characterized by being a new system capable of satisfying the needs of its consumers. It is characterized by being in constant development, every so often it offers us much more capable and faster updates.

The most recent version that Windows has presented is Windows 10, the receptivity that it has had among its users has been great. The programs that Windows 10 comes preinstalled are much more advanced than its previous versions. There is a way to download App from your account without having an account

On the other hand, we find the operating system Android, designed mainly to be used in mobile devices such as Smartphone. Mobile device manufacturers have used this operating system as their base system for a long time.

This is thanks to the fact that Android is characterized by being a software who always seeks to be better and more qualified. The general functionality offered by Android is very complete, its features and tools make manipulating our devices much more pleasant.

Android offers us a On-line shop in which we can enter and download all kinds of applications, such as games or programs to perform specific tasks. This store is Play Store (if you do not know how to download it here we will explain it to you) and to access it we need to create a Google account.

These applications found in the Play Store are designed to work specifically on devices with the Android operating system. Therefore, they are not compatible with other operating systems.

But we do not have to worry, in this article we will learn how to install an Android application on our computers with Windows operating system, in an easy and simple way.

Steps to install and use Android apps on Windows 10 PC

By downloading an Android emulator it is possible to install any Android application on our Windows computer. The first thing we must do is open our trusted browser.

Now, we go to the search bar located at the top of the screen and look for the program that will help us carry out this action. It is called BlueStacks, and we proceed to download it to our PC.

BlueStacks logo

Once the download process is finished, we go to the downloads folder and look for the file. It we run as administrator and we do its respective installation, we select Next, next, we grant the permissions, next and we wait for the installation process to finish.

For the next step we open the BlueStacks program, we must log in with our Google accountIn the case of not having one, we can create it. After we log in, we will enter the BlueStacks program interface.

In the first tab home, we can see the most popular applications in the Play Store, we also have a search bar where we can search for any application we want. Finally, we click on the application that we want to download and click install, in this way it will be installed and ready.