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How to install and configure Kodi plus Add-ons on Android phones

18 de April de 2021

Every day needs a well-deserved rest, from meditating to work out, create fabulous recipes or read, are some of the things that relax and clear after long hours of continuous work.

However, there is something that surely everyone can have in common, enjoy and be entertained watching movies, series or listening to your favorite music.

Multimedia platforms

The need to spend so many hours in front of TV to watch movies or series have been in second place. Smartphones have provided many facilities to carry out these tasks.

But not only the telephones are adapted to this modality, in the different mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads allow you to install Kodi, being able to enjoy various multimedia content, improving the experience and optimizing entertainment.

Kodi for multimedia content

Kodi was launched in 2003. This entertainment center was developed mainly for the first generation of Xbox, but little by little it was adapted until it had versions compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, tvOS and Android. Also installable on your Smart TV.

Kodi for multimedia content

In this sense, despite the fact that there are many more alternatives, Kodi is positioned as one of the best multimedia content organizers that any operating system mentioned above can offer. This is because:

  • It has mini-games.
  • You can enjoy content on YouTube.
  • Supports the vast majority of audio and video formats.
  • It allows you to view subtitles and even synchronize them if there is a defect in terms of the sound-subtitle time.
  • Compatible with CDs, DVDs, mass storage devices and the internet.
  • Slide presentation.
  • Meteorological information.

Installing Kodi on Android

Finding and installing this app is pretty straightforward. You simply have to search for it in Google Play, download it and then install and grant the required permissions. The application is totally free.

Configure the application according to your needs, choosing the language in which you want to manipulate the application. For this:

  • Locate the gear icon in the upper left.
  • A menu will be displayed, in which you will locate the Interface settings option.
  • Another menu will be displayed automatically. Click on the Regional option.
  • Change the language of the Spanish platform.

Add-ons for a better experience

Having the application configured, you will go to install the add-ons which are extensions or complementary elements of the application, these help to improve its performance and functionality, allowing you to get the most out of it.

Add-ons for a better experience

Installing the Add-ons for Kodi on Android

Returning to the main panel of the application, a menu will be displayed. Here you can scroll until you find the option to Add-ons. This will cause another menu to appear on the left side of your screen, where you will follow the following instructions:

  • You will see an open box icon. Click on it to be transferred to the add-ons installation menu.
  • Click on the option Install from repository.
  • Choose the add-on you want to install: music, video, programs, games, etc.
  • A list of available add-ons will appear. For example, if you install the video add-on, you can install the YouTube add-ons.
  • Click on the add-on that you want to include in Kodi and proceed to install it.

Other installation methods

If for any reason you wish install add-ons in a different way, there is the option of being able to do it through .zip files, however, this method it is not recommended due to the dubious origin of these accessories.

To do this, once you have downloaded the add-ons you want to install, go to the gear icon again to access the settings menu and follow the instructions:

  • Access System Settings.
  • Activate the Unknown sources option.
  • Click on the add-ons section.
  • Enter the installation menu again by clicking on the open box icon.
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select the file, Kodi will take care of the rest.

And ready! Enjoy the best multimedia content and completely free of charge. Live an experience of fun and entertainment with your family and friends from any device.

Likewise, you can learn how to download and install Kodi for Android Smart TV in an easy and fast way from our website.