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How to Insert a Video into my PowerPoint Presentation – Downloads and YouTube

28 de March de 2022

PowerPoint is one of the most used programs to create presentations, and this is because it has a wide variety of functions. One of these functions is to insert objects, be it images, video or audio. This function is very practical when we want display multimedia content in our presentations.

What are the allowed video formats to insert into PowerPoint?

To insert a video into a PowerPoint presentation, you have to verify that the video format that you want to add to your presentation, have one of the formats allowed by the program. Either the web version of the program or the software on your computer.

So, in PowerPoint version 2016 and later, you’ll need to use encrypted .mp4 files with H.264 video. That is, MPEG-4 AVC and if you use audio it must be AAC audio.

What kind of videos can we add to PowerPoint presentations?

If you want to add a video to your PowerPoint presentation. You can do it at insert a video online from Youtube or other platforms. You can also add a video from your computer storage, whether you decide to embed or link a file.


One of the functions that the PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 or PowerPoint 2019 program has is that it allows you to insert an online video from YouTube or Vimeo into a slide. Once you insert the video will play directly from the web page and you will also have the controls to play, pause or manage the volume.

Stored on device

In PowerPoint program you can add videos from stored on the device in two ways, which are add linked videos or add an embedded video. But keep in mind that adding an embedded video will increase the size of the slideshow, which may cause the slideshow to play slower.

What is the procedure to insert a downloaded video into a presentation?

The procedure to insert a video in your presentation may vary depending on the version of PowerPoint you have installed on your computer. In addition, the steps can also vary whether you access from Windows or a MacOs.

In Office 2013

  1. Select on the slide.
  2. Click the “Insert” tab.
  3. Then click the arrow below the “Video” icon.
  4. Then click on the option of “Video on My Computer”.
  5. Click on the video you want to add.
  6. Then click the “Insert” button.

For the latest versions

  1. Select the slide.
  2. Click the “Insert” tab.
  3. Select the arrow located below the “Video” icon.
  4. Then click on “Video on My Computer”.
  5. Select the video you want to add.
  6. Click the “Insert” button.

on macOS

  1. Select the slide.
  2. Click on the “Insert” tab
  3. Then click on the ‘Video’ icon.
  4. Select the “Movie from file” option.
  5. You will then need to select the video you want to insert into your presentation.
  6. Click the “Insert” button.

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How can I add a YouTube video to a Power Point?

There are several ways that allow you to add YouTube video in PowerPoint. But you will have to keep in mind that since the video is on a website and not in the presentation. You must have your computer connected to the network in order to correctly play the video of your presentation.

how to online video

  1. Open the PowerPoint program on your computer.
  2. Go to the toolbar and click on the “Insert” tab.
  3. Then click on the “Video” icon.
  4. Select the “Online Video” option.
  5. Click on the “YouTube” option, and write the title of the video.
  6. Then you will be shown all options similar to your search.
  7. Select the video you want to use and click “Insert”.

Using HTML5 code

  1. Find the video you want to add to your presentation.
  2. Click the “Share” button.
  3. Choose the ‘Insert’ option.
  4. At the bottom you will see a code, which you must copy.
  5. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  6. Click the Insert tab and select the “Video” icon.
  7. Select the “Online Video” option.
  8. Then you will have to select the option “From a video embed code”.

With YouTube function

  1. Find the video you want to add to your presentation.
  2. Then copy the video hyperlink.
  3. Open the PowerPoint program.
  4. Go to the slide where you want to add the video.
  5. Then click on the iSpring tab.
  6. Select the YouTube optionand paste the hyperlink.

web object

  1. Choose the video you want to insert into the presentation.
  2. Click on the “Share” option.
  3. Then click on “Insert”, and copy the hyperlink.
  4. Open your PowerPoint file.
  5. Select the slide where you want to insert the video.
  6. Click on the iSpring tabchoose the “Web Object” option.
  7. Insert the hyperlink and click the “Ok” button.

screen recording

  1. Open the presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the “Insert” tab.
  3. Select the ‘Screen Recording’ option.
  4. Click the “Record” button, and start recording.

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What video playback options are available in Power Point?

There are several playback options that PowerPoint has. Some of these options are click sequences, use autoplay or manually click the video to play it.

Click sequence

If you use the sequence of clicks, the video will play automaticallyonce you click anywhere on the slide.


You can use autoplay, which is very handy, you no longer have to click to start your video. However, if there is an animation in front of the video on the slide, the animation will play first and then the video will play.


The most common ways to play a video is by clicking on it. clicking the video will only start playing the video.