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How to increase the size of WhatsApp messages? – Font size

24 de May de 2022

On a daily basis, we strain our eyes to read WhatsApp messages. For this reason, the application offers us the possibility of modify the font size. Thus, you will be able to increase the letter and see your chats with greater comfort in your application or in the whole device.

How can I change the size of my texts in WhatsApp?

We know that mobile phones, Android or iPhone, offer the user the option of change the volume of the source. However, Apps, such as WhatsApp, also contain this power within their configuration. Therefore, we will see that, just as you can increase the font in Signal, you can change the size of your texts.

Since, these messaging apps, pursue the comfort of its users. In WhatsApp, to modify the volume of the source you must do the following:

  1. Login to your app from any of your mobile devices.
  2. In the right corner of the screen, right at the top, you will see three dots.
  3. You must press them and a small menu of options will open.
  4. Inside, select ‘Settings’ to enter the configuration area of ​​your WhatsApp.
  5. Immediately, choose the line ‘Chat’ and locate the section called ‘Font size’.
  6. When entering that option, you must choose if you want the letter to be small, medium or large.

You’ll also have the ability to make this font size change from your phone’s settings. Whether you are active in your Android device or use an iPhone. In both cases, you can modify the volume of the lyrics as follows:

From the settings of my Android device

On these types of phones, it is quite easy to make changes to the font size. So how is it possible to change the text size of WhatsApp on any device, you can also modify its typography. But, if you prefer to make this change from the configuration of your Android mobile, you can execute the following process:

change font size chats whatsapp

  1. Open the tool drawer of your cell phone, for this you must press the gear icon.
  2. Inside, locate the line referring to the screen settings.
  3. Then, get the option named ‘Text Size’.
  4. At that moment, a bar will appear to regulate the volume of the source. So slide it left or right in order to modify the font size.

With WhatsApp settings on my iPhone

If you like iOS technology, you should know that it also allows you increase font size. In fact, you can do it from the settings menu of your device. Even if you already have the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone, you can try the following to enlarge the font on the entire device:

  1. Enter in the phone settings menupressing the gear symbol.
  2. Explore the list and locate the ‘Accessibility’ section.
  3. Right away, you should go to the ‘Display and text size’ option.
  4. There, you will have to select the ‘Larger text’ section.
  5. In principle you will get the slider bar in order to graduate the proportion you want.
  6. You will also have an option to go further and put a higher volume. Then, click on the ‘Larger sizes’ button.

How to change the font size in WhatsApp Web?

Many people are suffering from vision problems due to computer screen glare exposure. So, in order not to aggravate your health condition, and counteract the effort of the eyes, it is necessary that you increase the font size.

If you are going to make the modification in WhatsApp Web, the process may vary by browser that you have installed. Since this version of the social network for PC does not have this option directly.

change font size whataspp

So what you can do is set the screen zoom from which computer Thus, the size of the letters of your WhatsApp will look larger. To achieve this, do the following:

  • Use the command cmd + in order to increase the appearance on your Mac.
  • If you are using Windows, then it will be enough that press ctrl + and thus enlarge the proportion of the letter.

How can I change the font size in all my mobile applications?

In the device settings, you will find the way to perform the resizing. In this way, the letter of all your applications will be much easier to read. You can do it from screen settings of your device.

Also, you will find the option to modify the Zoom, in this way, the font size in all your apps they will look bigger. To do this, you must locate the ‘Screen content size’ option and proceed to regulate the volume of the image.