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How to Increase the Resolution of Any Image in to the Maximum

31 de January de 2022

Paint.NET is one of the best programs that Microsoft has created for image editing without having to use too many computer resources. Such a program is usually used mostly in the computers that have Windows operating system 7 and even Windows 8, since such systems don’t have a very good editor to say the least.

The resolution of the images can be increased in an incredible way using that program which is Paint.NET. Later, we will explain how those dots per inch are modified within the images. to increase its quality and what you should keep in mind about Paint.NET to improve the quality of your images.

How to modify the ‘Dots Per Inch’ of an image to improve quality?

Paint.NET is a program that contains many functions to modify your images in many ways and in certain aspects. To improve the quality of an image you need to modify the points per inch. By modifying the dots per inch of an image, it is possible to increase its resolution without losing much quality.

If you have never experienced using all the functions that Paint.NET brings, that means that you do not know how dots per inch change. In the following process we are going to show you how these points are modified in the photos:

  1. start your computer
  2. Open Paint.NET, download it if you don’t have it yet
  1. Now you are going to choose the photo to which you will improve the resolution
  2. Select the ‘Image’ option
  3. Then select where it says ‘Resize from menu’
  4. In the window that you will see below, position yourself on the resolution indicators
  5. Change these resolution values ​​to some higher ones
  6. To finish, click on ‘OK’, combine the keys ‘CTRL’ and ‘P’ to print the results

In this way, the resolution of an image is increased using Paint.NET. In case you didn’t know, in Paint.NET there is a way to combine multiple images into one single image. Such function can be used to create a kind of Collage or something similar.

In addition to combining multiple images into one, Paint.NET also allows you to crop your photos to post them on your Instagram story. Sometimes even Paint.NET is used to optimize images which will then be uploaded to your Instagram account.

What should you know about Paint.NET for image quality enhancement?

For improve the quality of any image Inside Paint.NET you need to know two things about Paint.NET. These two things to know about the program is something about its resolution and about its file reduction.

image resolution

man using pc

When it comes to image resolution, you should keep in mind that the program itself does not have a function to increase photo resolution. What we showed in the process above is a way in which you can increase the resolution of the images using the resources of the program as desired.

However, as you may have noticed, at the end of the process we do not mention that you use an option that says ‘Export’ because for this kind of thing there is not. The function for improve the quality of images it is available only to better view some things that the image contains, but not to enhance and export your images.

So, you know that when you upscale images using Paint.NET, you can’t export the changes you’ve made as a final project. By the way, you need to know that Paint.NET is not the only program that allows you improve the quality of your imageswith Photoshop you can improve the quality too.

file reduction

Regarding the files that are exported and the images that are introduced, you should know that with Paint.NET you can also reduce the size of images. Just as you can increase the resolution of an image file, you can reduce its size so that the image appears in higher definition.

person shrinking file on his pc

Sometimes it can be very useful to reduce the resolution of an image file, since this also lowers its weight. For example, if you have a 4K image, it will at least weigh about 3 MB or even more. So if you take that picture and you lower the resolution at 1080 by 1080, it will weigh about 200 KB.

How to view resolution details of an image on PC?

If you want to see details about the resolution of an image inside your computer, you must make use of system resources. In the case of Windows, you must open in file explorer, find the image, select it, right click on it, select the ‘Properties’ option and enter the ‘Details’ section.

In that ‘Details’ section, you will see clearly what is the resolution of your image. From computers that have iOS all you have to do is select the image, open that image and then check the ‘Information’ option.