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How to improve the security of my Google account and protect it to the maximum?

23 de May de 2022

Google provides us with a great diversity of technology and services: Maps, Drive, Play Store, Docs, Gmail, among others. All these applications can be sign in with a google account, where you store important data. Which most of the individuals initially develop it to use a Gmail email. Therefore, in this statement we will teach you how to improve the security of your phone and your account on this incredible platform.

What should I do to create a very strong password for my Google account?

First, to strengthen your security it is It is recommended to change the password, in this way you can make it difficult for third-party users to access your profile. You must take into consideration that the password you are going to put has to be difficult to predict, but that you can remember. It is advisable that you use combinations, that is, letters, numbers, symbols, signs, upper and lower case.

Use of symbols and numbers

It is convenient to use a mixture of symbols and numbers in the construction of a password. This makes it difficult for hackers to enter your account. An example, if you like Create a secure key You can choose a word or phrase that you prefer and select the initial letter of each word. Next, write random symbols and numbers interspersed between the letters of the sentence.

Never use important names or dates

avoid at all cost place keys with personal information: name of your grandmother, mother, dog, father, best friend, day and year of birthday, among others that you have or have disclosed publicly.

How to change my Google password?

  1. First, you will enter your browser and go to Google. This in the event that you enter a web browser other than Google Chrome.
  2. Then, you will scroll down to the ‘Security’ item.
  3. Then in ‘Access to Google’ and then ‘Password’
  4. Now, you will have to wait a few minutes, followed by it, it will ask you to authenticate your identity before modifying your password, for that, you will only have to put your recent password.
  5. To finish, you will write the new password and click on the ‘Modify the password’ element.

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How can I activate two-step verification on my Google account?

All individuals who are very concerned about privacy will find in 2-factor authentication a way to safeguard their information on the network.

Before you use the verification settings for your account on this platform, you shall provide the requested security data for the procedure. These include a recovery email address, i.e. an optional email and phone number. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you will open the security in your account and then you will click on Google two-factor authentication.
  • Then you will click on the ‘Start’ option.
  • Now you have to provide the password of your account.
  • Then you will have to choose the verification method and click on the Next item. There is also the possibility that you click on Show more alternatives and select, have a security password for verification or only receive cell phone or message prompts. If you choose the mobile method, you will receive a password by SMS.
  • Then enter the code and press ‘Next’.
  • You will click on the Turn on option.

You successfully ran 2-step authentication. If any user wishes to login from an unknown device, they will be will request that provide a way for secondary verification.

Tips I can use to improve my Google account security

We will tell you some general suggestions to configure the security of your account on this platform and prevent computer attacks. The purpose is that a possible aggressor cannot easily access your information and be able to steal your identity. You should know that it is important to use a good password, keep all your Google apps up to date.

Remove malicious extensions and files from my device

With the growth in popularity of mobile devices, security issues have increased. This leads to Various attacks via IP Addressamong them we find: viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, Trojan horses, among others.

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You should never allow yourself to lose important data to a computer scammer, who may use it to damage or steal your identity. It is because of that you need effective software to protect your cell phone and your information. This type of helper not only prevents attacks from entering your device, but also lets you know its status, whether you will be insured or not.

These types of computer programs come with other elements and security functions such as virus scanning, alerts, among other things, that will help you to be one step ahead in relation to the protection of your cell phones. To remove malicious files and extensions from your mobile device, there are 2 methods to do it: manual and automatic way.

The automatic way. This procedure is simple. You will need to search for and download and install an anti-malware application, which will do the job. In addition, these security programs bring various features. These apps allow scan all types of viruses malicious, delete and protect the privacy of your cell phone from future attacks.

To run manual mode. First of all you will need to turn off your phone. The moment you observe the basic signs of virus invasion, what you will have to do, if you cannot determine the place of entry, you will turn off your device. By using this action, you will be able to avoid further damage and the spread of the malicious program to other applications.

Then, you will have to activate the ‘safe mode’ item and thus remove the contaminated file. You will navigate to the Settings of your device, and you will go to the ‘security’ option. Find the Phone Manager, then disable the entry of the malware and go back to configuring the settings.

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Control devices that connect to your Google account

  1. First, sign in to your Google Account.
  2. In the navigation option, click on the ‘Security’ tool.
  3. Under ‘Your devices, Click on Manage all devices.
  4. You will see the devices that have signed in to your Account. To acquire more details, touch an artifact or in a session. These elements will appear with the notice of ‘You have left your profile’, when you have left it.
  5. If you happen to see multiple sessions for the same type of device, it is likely that they will all be on 1 or different devices. Look at the details carefully, and if you can’t remember for sure if most of the sessions are coming from your artifacts, close the account on them.