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How to improve the quality of a blurred PDF Online? – Increase the quality and contrast

18 de July de 2022

Initially, it should be mentioned that PDF is a format with which you can save the documents that are created with various programs. Likewise, when transforming these, you will have to improve PDF quality or display at the time of having the jobs online. You can edit and convert those files easily on your PC.

One of the advantages of these folders is that no part of the document is altered and you won’t have to worry about some part of it being edited.

PDFs have a preset resolution, but you can adjust it to higher performance if you wish. It should also be understood that the higher the resolution, the greater the size of the online file and increase or raise quality.

Similarly, it should be noted that it is possible change to the form of a PDF if the user so wishes. From this the document will be sharper. And for this reason, next, we will indicate steps on how to prepare it.

Why does my PDF file look blurry?

It is a norm that when you are making use of that type of folder that want to improve PDF quality, likewise, increase or clarify that with the software. This with the help of the internet you can achieve that uploading quality is not so difficult and have a file that does not appear blurry. That can happen because of something that gets out of hand, but that does not mean that it has no solution.

To end this you can implement the following things so that you no longer have to carry the action of having a file that you download from low contrast internet. That is, improve null PDF quality, this will not have to do with the Software, but you can implement this that will help you:

  • Use an internet that has a longer range and is a bit fast to make the download when you need it.
  • Do not put more documents when you are acquiring that one.
  • When installing, take care of only this and do nothing else.

How to know what is the quality of my PDF?

Documents normally don’t have a pixel resolution, but we could see the volume of the sheet. Fortunately, using Acrobat Reader we can see the size in millimetersand thus deduce the type of PDF, is not an online option, but it is very functional.

improve pdf quality

To access this form, just open the PDF with Acrobat. After opening it, go to Start and click on ‘Properties’, function which you can also access by pressing Ctrl+D. In the lower left part of this menu you will see ‘Size of the web page’ where the size of the web page will be shown in millimeters with increasing quality.

On the other hand, if the file contains images and you want to see their resolution. Right click on the photo in the PDF, it will show the ‘Copy Image’ option click there. Now, paste the projection into Paint or Paint 3d, like this you can see the real resolution Of the same.

How to increase the quality of a PDF document?

First of all, it should be mentioned that on many occasions the files are not seen in good clarity, so you will have to use the clarify option. Similarly, you will notice that the resolution is not ideal for the document and for this reason it becomes blurry. For that reason, we will explain the proper methods in order to solve the problem and improve PDF quality and sharpness of Adobe Acrobat.

Likewise, it should be noted that one of the things for which you have to change the resolution it is because when creating a PDF it is saved in a resolution which is the one agreed for that file. But that option is not beneficial, since it harms more the images that the document contains.

Change the resolution of a PDF

It should be mentioned that the PDFs that are viewed online are well appreciated visually on a small screen. Since it contains low resolution, which affects the quality and you will not be able to print it, because by doing so you will notice the poor resolution it has.

It is important to note that several programs have the PDF format in an integrated way. For this reason, when producing your document you will be able to easily store it in said format, which contains a pre-established resolution and improves PDF quality.

Similarly it can change it from the same program, since you must look for the preferences option in the menu. In most programs that form counts the resolution of the format and allows it to be adjusted.

Additionally, you can change the potential of the PDF when saving it. Since, in this section you will find the option you are looking for, which can be adjusted to the percentage that the user wants.

Applications to increase the quality of a PDF

As you should already know, when passing documents from one place to another by different means, the resolution of these is placed less. Unfortunately, you can’t magically improve PDF quality. For this, a process is carried out that depends on what you want, it may take a little time and be expensive. Despite this, it is not impossible and you can have the same level as starting, no matter if youDo you want to lighten or contrast.

However, the information displayed is therefore the limit. Maybe use programs to improve PDF quality of an image using AI can help, but they rarely support such a format.

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In any case, what we can elaborate is reduce the size of a PDF and not affect its clarity too much, if that interests you. Read below where we teach you how to do it.

How to improve the contrast of my PDF

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options online to accomplish this, but we can increase contrast and make other changes using Adobe Acrobat’s color tools. At the end of it, We will use the Acrobat applicationafter starting the document go to the ‘Editing’ section and then ‘Preferences’ to increase quality.

There look for the ‘Accessibility’ section and activate the option ‘Replace document colors’ and then press ‘Use high contrast colors’. Now just press the option that suits you best, in turn remember that you can select the one you want, it can be personalized.

If you have a large PDF, you can use Smallpdf to have them. You just have to go to their website and upload the file you want to compress on the internet.

After raising quality we have two boxes, one with ‘option high’ and another with ‘press good’, the former will have more improvements, but the file size will be larger. While ‘press good’ greatly reduces the volume, but the quality may be affected by data compression.

Clarify PDF document

This is a way to get you to upload your files a bit. Despite this, the progress will not be much, but it will be able to help you with your problem easily and quickly. To do that, you must open these one sheet in Word and here you have to anchor the document to this format quickly, you can also edit it if that is your wish.

How to prevent my PDF from being poor quality or blurry when I save it?

If this is happening to you with a file that is an image, web page or some software and you want to have more or increase your contrast, you can do it whenever you want. Together, it will be possible to improve PDF quality, resolution by means of export the document to this format. Since in the PDF options before importing it, a panel is displayed and in the section of “image” Clarity can be easily adjusted to the level you want by data compression.

change pdf resolution

Also, it should be mentioned that the program most used for create the PDFs it is Adobe Reader, with which you can work without any inconvenience. Also, place the images you want.

On the other hand, you canimprove PDF quality or resolution by installing the virtual printer. Since, with this tool you will be able to convert the designs that you want in the format that you have them and when selecting the impression you will be able to adjust the quality in the properties section of the same.

So with this diversity of options you can easily improve PDF quality document resolution so that they have greater clarity online.

In turn, this method will work when printing the PDF. Since the image will not become distorted, but it will be in good presence as if it will be displayed on the computer or Adobe Acrobat projector due to the compression of data on the web page in order to increase quality. You may also like, how to scan multiple documents into one easy PDF file.