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How to hide WhatsApp conversations? – Protecting private chats

18 de May de 2022

WhatsApp privacy always gives you peace of mind when communicating. This messaging application has been characterized by giving the best to its users. Thus, now you can hide or archive your chats. Thus, it will be possible for you to reinforce the security of the information you share with your contacts.

How can I archive a WhatsApp conversation to hide it?

One of the most common options that you will find in this application in order to hide your WhatsApp groups or chats is to archive them. In this mode, every time you enter the inbox, the conversation will not be there. Also, you must take into account that if you receive new messages, the chat does not return to the inbox.

It is one of the best alternatives that WhatsApp offers you to protect the information you share or the topics you discuss with your contacts. Well, there can always be someone with bad intentions who wants to check your phone without permission. In this way, it will not be possible to view those chats with the naked eye on any of your devices.

From WhatsApp of Android or iPhone

The different tools that the application offers you are aimed at improving its operation. Beyond that, they seek to reinforce the privacy of their users. Whether you’re using any of your Android or iOS devices, you can archive your chats as follows:

  1. Enter your updated WhatsApp application with the latest version. This way you will have access to its new components.
  2. Choose the chat or group you want to archive and hold it down for a moment to select it. You’ll know you’ve done this because a green bullet will appear over your contact’s avatar. Also, some options will be revealed at the top of the screen.
  3. Now you must click on the figure that is presented as a box or folder with an arrow pointing downsimilar to a download.
  4. Immediately, the chat will have disappeared, since now it remains in the archived cubicle that you will see at the top of your conversations.

The great advantage is that, when you decide to carry out this procedure, your chats remain reserved for you in a private folder. In other words, if you receive a message, the chat will not appear in the inbox again as it used to.

archive whatsapp conversations

It is also important that you keep in mind that you will not receive notifications of the messages received in the hidden chats. Nothing more a number will appear next to the archived iconthis indicates the number of messages you have received within that hidden conversations tray.

Using WhatsApp Web

Without a doubt, this version of the application has made life easier for us, because now it’s easy to review your conversations from your PC. Therefore, with the passage of time have added more and more tools like the chat archive. To carry it out on WhatsApp Web do the following:

  1. If you’re in a conversation, you can try opening the dropdown menu. To do this press the three points and select ‘Archive’.
  2. You can also do it hovering over the conversation and press the down arrow to choose the ‘Archive chat’ option.

If you want to access the folder where these conversations are located, open the dropdown menu by pressing the three vertical dots at the top of the screen. Select to press the line ‘Filed’ and you will find all the chats.

hide whatsapp messages external apps

Now, you may want to hide those conversations and make it easy for anyone to get into your PC. In other words, it is not enough to use the archive option, because you want to go further. In this case you can go to the Google Chrome extension, called ‘WA Web Plusas follows:

  1. Enter WhatsApp Web from a window of this useful browser.
  2. Go to the extensions area and locate ‘WA Web Plus’ which is free.
  3. When an options menu appears within your social network, you must activate the line called ‘Blur recent messages’.
  4. that way your conversations will be hiddento access it, you must perform these simple steps again.

How can I hide WhatsApp chats without using the ‘Archive’ option?

Actually, keeping your conversations hidden is one of the best alternatives to achieve a high level of privacy of your messages. However, you can use external applications in order to hide your chats.

Using MaskChat

One of the most effective options to keep your chats hidden is through this application. Thus, you will not have to delete or archive your conversations in order to hide them from the closest spies.

The App works similar to a kind of digital mask and is available for your Android devices. In the same way, since it hides the conversations, it also offers the option to hide the screen when you enter a password or review sensitive information.

This opaque appearance that it gives to your screen protects you from those who are looking at your phone from around you. To use it, you just have to download and install the App and drag the curtain in order to cover what you want to protect at any time.

hide whatsapp chats

Meet Locker for Whats Chat App

We know that WhatsApp technology allows you to access your personal information, using passwords or a fingerprint scanner. However, WhatsApp stores data and private information that you have provided to it. But, if you want to hide your conversations with an external app, you can try using this option.

With Locker for Whats Chat App you will get the levels of privacy you are looking for. Since, it offers you an extra security barrier for your chats. Well, it will be necessary to enter a four-digit password in order to access them.

Systweak Software developed this App exclusively for Android. So, if you have an iPhone, you can only use the archive of your conversations in order to protect them. However, these external alternatives are the best option in order to keep spies out of your conversations.