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How to Hide the Games in my Steam Profile from Users? – Restricted Vision

9 de February de 2022

Video games are an entertainment medium used by millions of people around the world. Although for some people this practice promotes violence, the truth is that not all games have that theme. Therefore, if you like video games, the Steam site is a very good alternative. Now if you want to hide the games on your account from other peopleHere you will have the help you are looking for.

What is the way to hide your activity on Steam?

Steam is a platform that has been on the market for approximately 20 years, large and small developers have placed their game titles on it so that users can experiment with them and spend their free time in a pleasant way.

To have an account on this platform you only need to enter its official page and register on it. As you can see, it is very simple. You just have to enter the data that they ask for and you will have your account. You can open it from any computer and enjoy the games you have purchased.

The Steam system is so simple that you can carry out actions similar to those you carry out in other applications. For example, if there is a game that you no longer like or use, you can uninstall it from your computer and from the site. So you can make better use of space on your computer.

If you have several friends who also use this platform, you can share the games you have in your library that you think they might like. That may be a way to help you use your account and to have a topic of conversation between both.

On the other hand, if you are one of those chameleonic people, who from time to time like to make changes in your life to feel lighter or if for some other reason you need to change the username of the account, you can do it and identify yourself in another way.

However, if you are a representative of a minor who uses an account on Steam and you want to act responsibly, you can use the family mode of the site to establish the limits that the family will have when using this platform. that’s one way to control the time and type of video games that household members will use.

You should already know that Steam provides a quality experience. Now if you want to hide your gaming activity from other people you have to locate your account profile to modify privacy, that will prevent others from seeing your most recent games.steam logo

To find the privacy section you must first open the site and click on your name user ID to be able to enter the profile, this will give you access to the privacy settings and display the game details menu and choose the private option.

Until now this is the only way to prevent other people from seeing your activity. Although you must be clear that there is no way to prevent other users can access your profile and see what you’ve been up to recently. Another important thing to know is that when the setting is changed to friends only, your gaming activity can be fully shown to your friends.

How to hide the games from the library on Steam?

When another user visits your account profile, they can see various fields that you have. One of them is the library section, right in that place is where the games you have in use are stored. Now, if you don’t want the people who visit your profile to know about any particular game or all of them, you can hide them so that they can’t see them. person playing with steam

Games with recent activity

On Steam, you can use background running to prevent your friends from seeing recent activity on your account. To prevent them from seeing your activity you do not need to make your account privateyou just have to know how to handle all the functions of the site.

For this you must open the game you want to play, even if you don’t want it to be seen and then you must open another game so that it is handled as a background. This will make the first one invisible and everyone else passing by on your account will see that you will be playing the second one. This is because Steam will always display the last game you opened.

The use of frequent games

If there are some games that you use frequently and you want to keep it private for various reasons, the site allows you to hide them. You just have to go into the library and do a right click, that will bring it out a popup window with the manage option. If you click on that option, the hide game tab will appear and you have to press it.

It should be clarified that this action will only remove it from the library, which means that the people who will not be able to see it will be you and anyone who can access this section. So do not think that this security measure is on steam

How to completely remove a game from the library?

The easiest and simplest way is to open the site and log in, then you go to the library section that is in the navigation menu and you must right-click the game you want to delete.

When you do this, the platform will ask you to confirm the action, to which you must accept as long as you are totally sure. when you enter to the library again the game should be greyed out.

What to do to stop hiding the games in your profile?

If for some reason you’re tired of hiding the games you’re testing from others and want to carry out your activities freely without anyone watching you, the best thing you can do is change the privacy of your profile and make it private. With this, the limiting actions are firmer and more forceful.