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How to hide my WhatsApp name in groups? – Privacy settings

23 de May de 2022

Strengthening the privacy in your WhatsApp account is vital for your peace of mind. For that reason, when you are added to a group where there are unknown people, you might want to keep a low profile. In this case, you can hide your name in the app so that chat members cannot see it.

Is it possible to leave the ‘Name’ field blank in my WhatsApp profile?

The social network offers the possibility of configuring your privacy, hiding personal information that you provide on mobile telephony. You can even hide a group without leaving or blocking it. However, WhatsApp does not allow you to leave your name space empty. That is you must add some character or content.

So, it is not possible to leave your name field blank within your profile. But, in that case, you will have to create the illusion that you have not written nothing there and thus it will remain hidden from the eyes of the members of the WhatsApp group.

What can I do to hide my name in WhatsApp groups?

Hiding this personal data is easy, try it from the edition of your profile. That way, anyone who wants to know your name will have to ask you. Even more so in the case of the whatsapp group technologywhere there are usually unknown people.

For this reason, there are two quite effective tricks to achieve the effect of blank space in your name. Well, when you enter your profile, the social network asks you to add that information. Then, it will be time to use the space of the quotation marks or resort to a Unicode that you will find on the Web.

hide your name in whatsapp privacy

Using a copy and paste of white spaces

One of the tricks to hide your name in groups of WhatsApp is using an empty area. This you can copy and paste it in the area where you are supposed to indicate your identification.

In this way, you adopt an anonymous position within the group, since the application allows you to make various privacy settings. Now, you can hide your profile picture and also disable or hide your last connection on WhatsApp, so that no one finds out about your movements.

So, copy and paste a blank space inside your keyboard’s clipboard. East you can take it from the middle of the quotes. Then, you will take it to the edition of your WhatsApp profile in the following way:

  1. Log in to your app and open its settings menu.
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ option and there choose to go to edit your profile by pressing your avatar.
  3. Enter the line where you must add the name. The writing area will immediately appear.
  4. Delete the text you have there and paste the blank that you have copied to the keyboard clipboard.

You must bear in mind that this modification can also be done from the Web version of WhatsApp. In this case, on your computer you will need to copy the blank space and then paste it into the area where your username should be. Also, this is the method used to hide the administrators of a group on Facebook.

hide your name in whatsapp groups

By means of the ASCII code U+2800

With this option, you can give the appearance of empty space in the line of your name in the WhatsApp profile. In this case, you should go to locate the correct Unicode on the Web. Then you can paste it in the line of your identification and go unnoticed in the groups of the social network.

So, in order to find the ASCII code U+2800, you just have to go to the web and copy it. Then you can use it to give the appearance that the space of your name in whatsapp remains blank. Do this action as follows:

  1. From your device access the link that contains the ASCII U+2800 and copy the blank space.
  2. Later enter your profile on WhatsApp and in the line of your name paste the empty area that you copied from the ASCII U+2800.
  3. Save the changes and go to any WhatsApp group. You may notice that your name is no longer visible to any of its members.