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How to Hide Columns in my Google Spreadsheets? – Basic Office

24 de February de 2022

Google Sheets is the Google tool, which is part of the group of online office applications, offered by the famous search engine. In it you can carry out from the most basic calculation operations, to other more complex operations, making use of its formulas and complements.

It is normal while working on these spreadsheets to require hiding columns, to prevent them from being exposed or their content from being modified, in these cases, you must execute a few simple steps that we will detail below.

What are the differences between hiding a column and protecting it in Google Sheets?

The ease of working with spreadsheets directly in Sheets is given, mainly, by the ability to share work in real time, with which, not only is it possible to simultaneous file editing, but also live review and correction. A highly valued feature in modern life, where reducing time and enhancing effectiveness is a priority.

Entering the point of hiding a column within this Google platform, it is convenient to define beforehand why it will be done, that is, if it is only to avoid the alteration of the data it contains, it may be more convenient to protect cells in spreadsheets. calculation.

If, instead, you prefer to stop displaying that column, because you feel more comfortable working without it or because the data it contains is not of interest to you, then there is a very simple procedure that will allow you to do so. In short, by protecting the spine, you block its edition, but it will remain visiblewhile by hiding it, you will be able to edit it but not see it.

How to hide a column in Google Sheets spreadsheets?

Once you have made certain calculations or emptied information of interest in a column, and you no longer need to continue working with them, you can choose to hide it in your book. For example, you have implemented the ‘PENDING’ function in spreadsheets and seeing the resulting data now becomes a distracting element.

Something extremely common, which is solved by carrying out a simple procedure, applicable to both rows and columns of Sheets, which will allow you to make their content invisible. Taking full advantage of the configuration options of the book, guarantees you to be more efficient in the execution of your tasks.

hiding spreadsheets

Using the mouse

The first method that we will explain to you for hide a certain row or column in Sheets, it’s very simple and requires you to start like this:

  • Logically, you must access Google Sheets and open the document you want to edit, make sure you are registered with your Google account.
  • The next thing is that you select the column or row that you are interested in hiding, this is achieved by left clicking (Main) on the header of the column or row, that is, the one that contains the letters or numbers.
  • In the case of columns, click on the arrow that will be activated to the right of it, or right click, and choose the “Hide column” option. If it is a row, you right click on it and select “Hide Row”.
  • You will immediately have your hidden row or column, you can check it because a small horizontal arrow will be shown, in the middle of the active columns, indicating that there is a hidden column, if you click it will be visible again.

with the task bar

There is no doubt that Google Sheets is a tool that we must learn to master as soon as possible, to achieve better results in our workbooks, so that in a short time we could afford to say goodbye to Excel, at least in our daily lives.

There would be no reason to resist when here we can edit the legend of the graphs in spreadsheets, to merge multiple cells into one, that is, the most popular functions are found without any problem. Let’s now explore a little more, how to handle the columns to suit our needs:

  • Assuming you have two adjoining cells in different columns that you’d like to merge, you’ll need to start by selecting them both.
  • Now you go to the taskbar, specifically the “Format” menu.
  • Then locate the “Merge cells” option, you must specify which option you are interested in “Merge all”, “Merge horizontally” or “Merge vertically”.
  • In this way, several columns are merged in your file, in a certain way it can work to hide a row or column, although with practice you will really understand the differences between both options.

hiding columns with the mouse

What to do if you want to hide multiple columns together in a Google Sheets document?

A very frequent question, although simple to answer, is how to hide a set of columns or rows simultaneously. Well, for this you need that the range in question is continuousthat is, in Sheets you can only select elements that are next to each other at a time.

This is a differentiating feature compared to Excel, where you could select ranges at the same time, even if they were far apart. But understanding this peculiarity, after selecting with a sustained click, simply right click on the range and choose “Hide cells” or “hide columns”, they will be immediately hidden in your sheet.

Why can’t you see hidden sheets in a Google Sheets spreadsheet?

The first few times you may find it difficult to make a hidden column or row visible again, or maybe you did it by mistake and now you don’t get those sections in your spreadsheet. If you find yourself in this situation, simply check the document headers for the existence of small arrows to the right or left, if you locate them, click and you will see your cells or columns again.