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How to Get Over 40 Minutes to Zoom Meetings – Stream Without Pressure

13 de January de 2022

The Zoom platform is known for the virtual meetings that it allows you to carry out, available on desktop devices and mobile applications, it is a tool for videoconferencing of large groups and of long duration, also offering conferences by audio, normal call or video call. However, there is a limit for free users in terms of meeting time, being approximately 40 minutes. However, here you will learn tricks to have sessions of more than 40 minutes and speak without worries.

How to extend the time of your meetings in Zoom?

For users with free accounts, Zoom offers one-stop meetings. 40 minute maximum, being a disadvantage for people who need more time to plan and discuss issues in depth, especially if it is a large group of people, which complicates coordination more.

In solution, there is a way to extend the duration of videoconferences without having to pay extra money, it is possible extend time by application outputs, the other alternative is to pay for the plan that Zoom offers to have a better experience, including longer meetings.

Alternately exiting the application

This is a very popular trick on the platform, to use it it is necessary for the host of the group to schedule a meeting. In the Settings tab you must go to the ‘Calendars’ panel, followed by the ‘Schedule’ option, there you will find all the information about the meeting, including the ID that you must share with the people who will be part of the videoconference.

Upon reaching the 40-minute limit, the conference leader or host must leave the room, and participants must join again with the ID of the first meeting. Although this option is useful, it is not the most comfortable, since you must be leaving and re-entering each time the time limit approaches, otherwise, the meeting will be closed automatically.

Paying for a subscription

If you prefer a more comfortable solution, the Zoom platform offers different plans and rates for users, some being more expensive than others, but improving the user experience. The cheapest subscription will allow you to have meetings without time limit, the total price is $ 14.99 per month.

Apart from allowing you to have meetings of more than 40 minutes (unlimited time), it also offers other functions, among them we have: live transmission with other platforms (YouTube, Facebook), recording of a complete meeting (in case you want to see more late), up to 500 members in the videoconference (paying additional money), among other advantages.

From how many participants is time limited in Zoom?

In the free version, two people can have a video conference with no time limit. However, the time limit begins from three members in the meeting, 40 minutes being the maximum possible. With the use of subscriptions, there is no type of limit on their duration, the number of participants does vary depending on each subscription.

What are the characteristics of the licenses in Zoom?

Zoom licensees are those with paid accounts. The main features are unlimited meetings, personalize the ID of the meeting to be held, additional functions such as large conferences or online workshops, the ability to record each session and share it with others, assign or change different hosts, the ability for others to schedule, among others. In addition to this, there are four types of licenses or subscriptions: Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise.

virtual meeting of people with zoom

The Basic License (free)

The Basic subscription is free, without the need for additional payments or costs of any kind, but with fewer features and low experience level. This license has infinite individual video calls, this changes when the number increases to three people in the meeting, the maximum duration being 40 minutes. It allows group video calls of up to 100 participants and meetings cannot be recorded.

Business license (paid)

The Enterprise or Business subscription, as the name implies, is created especially for large companies or companies, the total price is $ 19.99 per month. Among its main characteristics is the admission of up to 500 members in the meeting.

There are more functions for conferences and webinars, like the other subscriptions, meetings can be recorded without a space limit and it has an extra version called Enterprise Plus, where they can access up to 1,000 people in a meeting.