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How To Get Discount To Buy Tinder Gold? – Save money

15 de February de 2022

One of the most used and highly successful pages and applications to find a partner or meet people is Tinder, it comes with an algorithm that makes this very entertaining. His appearance was for quite some time; what we can say is that it has been very successful, it has had memberships called Plus and Gold for some time, the latter can be somewhat expensive, but it gives you very privileged access.

To access all Tinder services, although it is expensive, we must know that there is a way to find discounts, in order to make this modality more accessible, and it is that in the Gold membership we can more easily know which people like you. , the interaction is greater and the logarithm will place you in a place whereand more potential partners will see younow in this article we will investigate everything we need to know about this.

What should you know before getting a discount to pay for Tinder Gold?

There are things that we should know before taking the step to Tinder Gold that we would like and others to consider, the first thing is that to access this package you have to be a Tinder Plus user, since this option is enabled only for these users. This is also charged separately from Tinder Plus, that is, you pay for the Plus and you pay for the Gold, but it also comes loaded with interesting things, such as enjoying the Plus benefits and other additional ones.

With Gold membership we can see the “Derechazos” that you receive in real timea heart will also be placed on the matches that swiped you, which is more practical, the Tinder algorithm will give us ten daily matches in the diamond section there we can see profile information before deciding what to do, we can also delete a superlike if it was done by accident, and of course this membership is ad-free.

How much does Tinder Gold cost without any discount?

As for the price of Tinder, it is handled preferentially according to your age, which means that if you are over 28 you will pay the full price of the update, but if you are younger it will cost you less. The general price is $29.90 for the duration of one month, for six months the cost will be $112.99 or 18.83 per month and the annual plan will cost relative to $12.50 per month.

These are the rates that are handled in the Tinder application, it should be noted that the Plus membership is canceled separately and that for You cannot access Gold directly. In any case, you must understand that being a member with full memberships will not increase the odds in your favor, you will only have special access.

tinder gold has more interactive tools

How to get a discount to get Tinder Gold?

But there are chances of accessing this membership without paying so much, in itself, we can take advantage of the use of some factors that the application itself gives us, since sometimes they do promotions. Which are excellent to know this system and try it, explore it and know what benefit to get if it is worth it or not, everything is in us.

When we decide to enter the Tinder social network, we do not know for sure what to expect from it at first, but soon we realize that we can click with someone without having to access the memberships, remember this is an important fact before from handing over your money, to only access to new tools.

Using a promotional code

Promotional codes are also part of Tinder, these tell us about up to 50% discount on the packages that we can acquire, these codes are seen in promotion when we make our first registration. This can happen on holidays related to couple or family issues, during vacation times or at the end of the month.

It is best to be attentive, since some sites talk about a referral system, but it is not true, you have to be careful with this to avoid unpleasant surprises. These promotional codes are only given on special occasions and only through the Tinder app. These codes are not the same as promotions

acquire promotions in tinder at excellent prices

Be aware of promotions in the application

When we use this service we can receive promotions directly to our mail, what they can offer us is a 50% discount, this will last for one or two months, what is frequent is that once you acquire both Plus and Gold packages and leave them pass they send you these promotions such as product re-enlistment.

The good thing about having access to these memberships is that you can prevent Tinder from repeating the same profiles all the time, although sometimes it is a system problem with our account, and it is not something caused on purpose as it may seem, for this we can make use support and report it.