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How to fix Valorant if it won’t let me choose my character and freezes?

3 de May de 2022

Valorant is a modern game, in which users can compete with each other and see who is the best using weapons. This system is common in these media, especially those of the competitive arena. This makes it necessary for the environment to be as fluid as possible so that the user has the best experience.

A very annoying problem that can occur in Valorant is that of freeze when choosing character. This error can cause you to lose games and be penalized, which is very dangerous. For this reason, in this article we will explain what you can do to solve this error in the easiest way. It is worth mentioning that the steps to follow can also help resolve other issues such as getting the client back up and running.

What is causing Valorant not to let me choose my character?

Bugs and errors are frequent in some video game deliveries, however, in Valorant it is rather something rare. This is thanks to the fact that the game managers update it daily. So it cannot be said that its failures are due to lack of support, but it can be due to the hardware. Having a very old PC can be a problem when playing Valorant.

For this reason, it is always advisable to check the minimum requirements before trying to play. If the problem is not the requirements, then maybe the game has been accumulating bugs or there is some kind of compatibility error.

Methods to fix frozen screen issue in Valorant

There are several ways to try to fix the frozen screen issue in Valorant. That is why we will tell you the three below most common and efficient methods to do this.

Close and reopen the game

One of the first things you should try is to restart the game, for this you must click on the red arrow. This is in the top corner of the window and is the traditional way of closing the game.

However, this may fail because if the game is frozen it may affect the function of the option. For this, in case you are playing Valorant on Windows, what you should do is press the key combination Ctrl+ALT+Delete.

This will open the Windows options window from where you can open the task manager. Once this is done you can select the Valorant option and finish the processthis will close it forcibly.

frozen screen in valorant

It is worth mentioning that this option will not harm the game in any way, it will end the process so that you can solve the problem and continue playing. Once you have managed to close the game you must reopen it to complete the restart.

Wipe cache

Another way to try to solve the problem is through the application cache. This cache is about files that gradually accumulate when using the app. Nevertheless, in case of failures, these can help prolong the problem.

This is why it is best to remove them if the game is crashing a lot, this is achieved via ‘appdata‘. To enter the appdata folder, what you have to do is make the WIN+R key combination. The WIN key is often used to open the Windows start menu, using this will open the text field.

In this menu it will suffice to write the word appdata and then hit enter. Doing this will display a series of folders, in the case of Valorant you must open the ‘local’ folder to then access the game folder.

Once there, you must eliminate all the folders that end in the word cache. This process is manual and must be done with the game closed.

Reduce FPS

This point is usually unusual, since it is normal to want increase FPS when playing. However, if the game is causing you problems, it is best to limit the FPS a bit through the game menu. For this you must open Valorant and from the initial menu look for the settings button.

frozen valorant

When you do this, many options will appear, but you must choose the one on the screen. Then, look for the option to limit the FPS and there you can select at what rate you want to limit it. It is best that at this point you limit them to about sixty frames per second.

How to send a ticket to Valorant if it won’t let me choose my character?

In cases where the game stays hung on character select, the ticket cannot be sent. This is because in order to send it, the section must first be done, so it is not possible to send it without choosing a character. The same thing happens when the connection drops unexpectedly and the ‘connection error’ message appears.

The problem with this is that in many cases users have problems. The fines are always for time and can reach up to one hour of temporary blocking. This can be very annoying, especially if the problem occurs frequently.