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How to Fix Excel Has No Resources to Complete a Task Error?

9 de February de 2022

Excel is a computer program developed by Microsoft. Through it you can do accounting and financial tasks. Its functions are designed to create or work with spreadsheets. One of the great attractions of Excel is that you can customize your tasks by programming your own functions, which can be adjusted to your needs.

Despite all its advantages, in this moment of greatest urgency and urgency, Excel may send an error message where it says that it cannot complete such a task because the resources are not enough and it recommends that you close other applications or use less data. You may also encounter the error message Excel has encountered a problem that is preventing it from working which is usually resolved by configuring the program appropriately.

In what cases can Excel run out of resources to perform a task and give this error?

This error usually appears when you open or save an Excel file, when you open a spreadsheet that calls another spreadsheet, with complex macros, or when you use a specific formula. In these cases Excel considers that there are not enough resources.

How to update Microsoft Office to fix this Excel error?

First we recommend you download Excel from its official page. This will guarantee its optimal operation and you will be able to obtain all the necessary information and updates. That way, you can be sure which version of Excel you are using. These are the steps you must follow to perform the updates:

  1. Click the Office logo on your Excel page.
  2. Press “options”
  3. Select “resources”
  4. Click on “check for updates”. The program will automatically download the updates.

What to do if Excel still has no resources to complete a task?

One of Excel’s drawbacks is that 32-bit can only address 2G of RAM, which, while that sounds like a lot, is quickly consumed by complex spreadsheets. It is recommended to use the 64-bit option, which would be enough. Otherwise, the following actions could be of use to you:

fixing excel resource errors

  1. Right-click to go to “taskbar” and select “task manager”
  2. Select performance panel and see how much CPU and memory is being used
  3. Close as many apps as you can to free up resources except Excel
  4. Check that the Excel action you are trying works
  5. Click on “task manager processes
  6. Right click on all the programs you can do without for a minute or two
  7. Press finish task
  8. Check performance again
  9. Check the operation of your Excel page

Increasing the virtual memory of Excel

It is very common to run into memory problem in Excel. To solve this, the main thing is to find the cause of this error. One of them may be that you are copying a formula to a large area of ​​your spreadsheet. Excel has a 32 bit limit that you should use it wisely. Another reason is the recalculation of formulas especially when you add, columns or rows, or the “copy / paste” action while performing any calculation.

Use the Excel function ISERROR and ISERR to evaluate whether a cell has a value error. This function will return a “true” or “false” message and help you better Excel virtual memory handling. With it you can visualize the complexity of your spreadsheet, its construction and the link with the formulas used.

Another cause may be that you PC is using large applications which captures a large amount of space necessary for the operation of your Excel program. Which leads to the main recommendation to stop as many applications as are not necessary for that moment.

Verify that you are not using more than one instance of Excel

It can be very complex to use a single instance of Excel when you have multiple workbooks open. It turns out that when the formulas are recalculated, they are done in all the books. The recommendation then is to have two windows open to be able to compare the calculations. However, this could lead to a job excessive space and create problems with memory.

Another option is to use the Excel function FUN.ERROR.COMPL.EXACTO to manage the space on your PC more discreetly. This function will help you to compress the complete formulas by adding only the values ​​of it without having to write it in its entirety.

run excel in safe mode

Try Excel in safe mode

When Excel has closed unexpectedly or when a certain problem has occurred, booting in safe mode is a useful tool. You can use it to unblock the app or to identify a plugin or extension that is causing the problem. To do this hold down the “ctrl” key to start Excel in safe mode.