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How to fix ‘Error 900’ in League of Legends? – Fix Summoner’s Rift

31 de May de 2022

League of Legends or LoL is a popular multiplayer whose dynamic consists of the confrontation of two sides of up to five people each. Where the main objective is destroy the base of the opposing team. But due to the complexity of the game, it is recommended to have an introduction to LoL and you can start by winning a few games.

On this platform, some errors may occur while trying to play a game normally. One of the most frequent is code 900 error, which can prevent you from completing quests or interacting with other players. In this article we explain why it happens and what you should do to fix the error.

Causes for which error 900 appears in League of Legends

There are different reasons why the League of Legends error 900 occurs. The reason for the problem ranges from a problem with the server, the cache, an unstable internet, corrupt files or even the client himself. That is why we teach you how to identify the reason for the problem and what you can do to solve it and continue with your game.

League of Legends server bugs

On many occasions, the conflict comes from the state of service of Riot Games. Server issues can be fairly common, but are often resolved within minutes. If you want to know what state the server is in, you can consult with other users or check information on official Riot Games accounts. When this happens, just wait for the developer to fix it and log back in later.

Viruses installed on the PC

It can also happen that the problem is the state of your equipment. When there is any corrupted file on your PC so the game won’t open due to error. If you have problems logging in, you should do a general checkup on your computer and rule out this cause. It is important that you keep your antivirus active and avoid downloading from websites marked as insecure.

Internet connection is not good

Remember that in order to log in to League of Legends you need to have a stable internet connection. This is the main reason why certain users are unable to login or report error 900.

The computer has a problem

If your computer shows a failure, be it a virus, corrupted file or system license errors operative. It is very likely that you will get ‘error’ when you try to start a game. Therefore, we recommend that you do a general checkup of your equipment, so you can identify the problem.

How to fix this problem effectively?

Reviewing the League of Legends error is simple, everything will depend on its origin. Next we will explain how identify the problem and we suggest what to do to play normally again.

repair summoner's rift

Check for server issues

Before you attempt to restart the game, we recommend that you go to Riot Games page and check the status of the server. It usually happens that it falls due to some temporary interruption, normally these failures are solved in minutes.

Clear the cache of the Internet connection

An effective alternative to this problem is delete cache in the internet options of the device. To proceed you must access the Windows control panel, locate the internet options and in the ‘General’ tab click on delete browsing history. Once this is done, try to start your session in the video game.

restart the game

Sometimes the solution is as simple as restarting it. Since there may be some component working wrongly within your team. This way you can restore operation correct and restart a game normally.

Uninstall and Install the game

Another possible solution is to reinstall the video game. You can also try downloading its latest version on the official Riot Games website. This will help you start the game and resume your game.

Contact customer service

If the problem persists, you can go to the official Riot Games page, and contact the Customer Service. In this you will have to send a ticket describing the problem you are presenting and wait for them to provide you with a solution.