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How to fix CapCut if it crashes and closes only when I go to edit videos?

3 de May de 2022

Editing videos with Capcut is very easy; however, sometimes the app crashes or closes by itself. This can be quite annoying when creating your multimedia content. Since, you waste time and you can’t share it on social networks due to App failure. So, you can learn how to fix it very easily and quickly.

Reasons why CapCut closes itself on the device

The app can present some faults in its operation, to correct it, it learns to detect the cause that originates them. This can be annoying if you want to change the speed of a video with CapCut. They are usually inconveniences that arise due to the memory of your mobile device.

It doesn’t matter if you meet using capcut app on your Android or iOS, in both cases it is possible that the system hangs. The fundamental thing is to determine if this is happening for any of the following reasons:

  • The computer’s memory is at its limit.
  • Device Ram saturation.
  • Not app update.

So, you should explore on your mobile to get the real cause of the failure. So, determine Which of the possible circumstances is source of the problem. This will help you to solve it and be able to continue editing your videos in the application normally.

Insufficient memory

One of the reasons why your CapCut App fails is that you have little storage space on your mobile device. This usually happens to you due to cache saturation or excessive media files in the gallery. To solve it, the most important is that you must debug CapCutfor this do this:

  1. Enter your updated CapCut application with its latest version.
  2. Locate the settings option, identified with the gear symbol that you will see in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. Now select the line named ‘Clear cache’ and press the ‘Ok’ button to finish the process.

fix android app capcut error

You can also delete it by locating it in the application drawer, in this way you must search for CapCut and choose to manage the App. From there it will be easy to delete the cache, without risk of losing your files facts in the editor. Well, only the data that is temporarily stored on your mobile device will be deleted.

There are many applications open that are not in use

It is important that you review the conditions of the rest of the Apps on your mobile device. Since, there are times when the least used are taking up space. Also, some are kept open in the backgroundpreventing the main ones from working correctly.

The app requires more RAM

One of the main reasons why CapCut closes is only because of RAM saturation. This is because the App deserves enough space for your operation, more than anything when exporting the videos. So, if the RAM needed by the app is more than your device, you can be sure that it will close itself.

How to fix this problem effectively?

Once you have detected the causes of the application failure, you can proceed to solve the problem. Well, if you are editing a video or want to edit your photos with CapCut, these flaws will prevent it. You will achieve this in a simple way, since there are different ways to solve the problem. For that reason, we invite you to try some of the following options:

fix capcut error clear cache

Close apps that are not in use

To ensure the operation of your Apps, it is necessary that you do a complete debugging on your phone. In other words, if you want to improve your experience with CapCut, you will have to close the applications that you are not using. Then explore the Apps drawer and check which ones you have not used recently and uninstall them.

Update the application and the mobile

Having the latest version of CapCut on your device is essential to ensure its optimal operation. So, you must be aware of updating it constantly. You can do this in the following way:

  1. Enter the Play or App Store, from your Android or iOS device, as the case may be.
  2. Locate CapCut in the editing applications area.
  3. If you don’t see it, write your name in the search engine that you will see at the top and press the magnifying glass icon.
  4. When you get it, proceed to update, there you will see all the information of the App, features and user comments.
  5. By last, download the new version and press the button labeled ‘Install’.

This will help you avoid errors in the application, in addition, you will have access to the new tools that it offers you. As long as you have CapCut up to date, will improve your experience with this editor and minimize the possibility of failure.

fix app capcut edit videos

Internet connection must be good

Without a doubt, this is one of the main requirements for any online video editing. On the contrary, the application will not run correctly. For this reason, it is essential that the network to which you are connected works in a stable manner and with good speed.

To ensure this, you should check with the phone company if your mobile data plan is active. Or, in the case of being connected to a wireless network, check that it does not have interference when editing your videos.

Uninstall the app and install it again

Another of the most extreme solutions so that CapCut stops stopping or does not close by itself is to uninstall it. In this way, you will eliminate any type of errors download, malicious systems or failures. Once you decide to apply this action, you will be able to download it again on your mobile correctly.

Consequently, fixing CapCut when it gets stuck or closes itself is quite simple, to achieve this you must detect the cause. Then try some simple solutions in order to see if the error is caused by your mobile phone or the app. So, you can continue enjoying this useful editor of videos to share them on your social networks.