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How to Find Video Conference Rooms in Zoom – Complete Tutorial

23 de November de 2021

Zoom is a platform that facilitates the connection between people in a virtual way, it is used frequently to do lectures or give and receive virtual classes. It is also possible to find active Zoom rooms to enter and talk with people through the screen, meet new friends with common interests.

How can I find Zoom rooms to join?

Through the Internet and social networks there are people or groups that share video meetings through Zoom with a schedule or in the process of transmission, sometimes a password is required and other times not, you should know that you won’t always be able to join a Zoom meeting posted on the internet.

Using Google

If you want to participate in a video conference with other people to talk about a specific topic, you can find Zoom meetings with the topic you are looking for; To do so, you must enter the browser and type ‘’, this is the start of Zoom meeting IDs.

By placing this link in the browser, you will find Zoom meetings already finished, some scheduled and others in progress, if you are looking for a specific topic you can add a keyword at the end of the link and search among the results that appear for an available meeting.

Through Facebook

To search for video rooms in Zoom through Facebook, you must open your Facebook application or log in from the browser (in case of using a PC), in the Facebook search bar type and press’ search ” to find Zoom rooms in progress or scheduled, you can enter if you have free access or you have the key to the meeting.

Configure the search options so that the results that appear are recent, so you can find Zoom meetings not yet started or in progress, otherwise you can find old links of meetings already ended.

From Twitter

If you want to find a Zoom meeting to join via Twitter, you must enter Twitter and access the search bar to type, configure the search parameters to choose recent posts. You can access by pressing the link and entering the access code so that you are received.

What is the procedure to join a Zoom room?

It is not difficult to enter a Zoom room, but you will need the meeting ID and in some cases a password, this to prevent other people outside the subject from entering and may cause discomfort or confusion among participants.

From your computer

From your computer you can join a Zoom meeting with the ID of the meeting in question and the password. Enter Zoom from the browser and press ‘enter’ and enter the meeting ID, enter the password and press the ‘Join’ option, so you can enter and participate in the meeting either in progress or with a scheduled date.

From the mobile app

Enter the Zoom application and log into your account, press the ‘enter’ option and then you must enter the ID of the Zoom meeting, enter the access code and you will be able to enter the meeting. Choose whether to enable audio or video when joining the meeting.

zoom from mobile application

How can I create my own room for a Zoom video conference?

If you are looking to create a video meeting through Zoom, you must enter the application and log in; then press the option ‘schedule new meeting‘, so you will enter a new tab to configure the options and accesses for your Zoom meeting.

The first thing to configure is the topic of your Zoom meeting, that is, a name for the video conference; choose a time of a start date and a time, also choose the duration and set a time zone according to your country, so people from other countries will enter the time according to your time zone.

Choose if your Zoom meeting should require a password (it is recommended in case you share the meeting through social networks), if you choose that a password is necessary to enter, write one and then share it with the participants through a message next to the meeting ID.

create video conference rooms
Choose whether to enable or disable the video display of the participants and the host (you), as well as whether to enable or disable the microphones of the participants and the host. You can organize a Zoom meeting where only your image and audio are viewed and heard by the participants, that is, with its audio and video deactivated.

Choose a calendar to notify you about the remaining time for your meeting and save it by pressing ‘schedule’. Now you can copy your meeting ID to share it with multiple people and Remember to put the access code so that they can enter.