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How to Find the Largest Files That Have Been Attached in Gmail?

31 de January de 2022

Emails at some point they seemed highly obsolete and that they would never be used again. However, what has kept them alive is that they are needed to create accounts on social networks, to chat with others when social networks go down, and to send large files.

Within your Gmail account you can see which are the largest documents or files that you have attached to the account. Soon we will show you how to find the largest files within your Gmail email account and also how downloading attachments is enabled in Gmail.

What is the process to find your largest Gmail files?

Gmail accounts can be used from all kinds of devices that have certain capabilities. All devices that have an internet connection and at least a web browser can open an email account from Gmail. Now, from the devices that Gmail is always used is from computers and from cell phones.

In the case of computers, web browsers must be used such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera to go to the Gmail page. From that Gmail page you get full control of that email account. In the case of cell phones, you have to use an application.

The Gmail application for both Android and iPhone cell phones is in the Play Store and is free of charge. By the way, with cell phones you can also access Gmail from a web browser and you can mark your unread emails as read.

Now, since you know how to access Gmail from both devices, we are going to show you how to find your files of more weight within Gmail.

Using Gmail on your computer

See which ones they are the largest files in your Gmail email account from a PC it is something very simple and easy, see how it is done:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. Open the web browser
  3. Go to the Gmail website
  4. Log in
  5. Locate the search bar that Gmail gives you
  6. Put the mouse on that bar to write
  7. Put a specific size in the search, for example ‘size: 10MB’ and the results of the largest files will be shown

gmail obviously puts you a file weight limit that you can upload to your account and it is best to start with a light weight. Placing that in the Gmail search bar will show you all files that are that size. In this way, you can see which are the largest files in your Gmail.

guys using gmail on pc

However, if you want increase number in search to search for files larger than 10 MB, you can change the number 10 to something else. In an example it would be like this size:30MB’. It should be noted that, with Gmail, there is a way to share the screen of your device so that others can see what you are doing.

From the Gmail app on your mobile

With the Gmail app it is really easy to locate the files that have a really immense weight. Pay attention to how these files are located:

  1. Start the device
  2. Open the Gmail app
  3. Locate yourself in the search bar
  4. Go to the top of the application and put in the search the sentence ‘Size: 10MB’ or else ‘Size: 1GB’ to search for a larger file

that way I know look for the largest files within your Gmail email account. You have to be very clear that in Gmail it is possible to get large files, all this because the accounts of this email can be synchronized with Google Drive.

If you wish send a file using your Gmail account and this exceeds 25 MB, your email will use the resources of Google drive, but the file is accessed from your Gmail. In case you didn’t know, Gmail has a feature that allows you to link your Gmail account with a Yahoo! account.

How to activate the automatic file download option in your Gmail?

download logo

Since you know how the largest files are found inside your Gmail mail, you can close this analysis. However, first we will explain how is that function enabled that automatically downloads the files that other contacts send you.

How do we understand that some they don’t have a phone mobilewe are going to explain how this function is activated even from computers.

From the Android and iOS app

From cell phones, whether Android or iPhone, this function is activated in the same way. See what you have to do to activate this function:

  1. start your phone
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ app
  3. Then go straight to the ‘Accounts’ section
  4. In ‘Accounts’ press yours
  5. Then scroll to the bottom
  6. Select the ‘Download files’ section
  7. Enable the function and you’re done

That’s it everything you need do to ensure that each of those files that are sent to you by Gmail are downloaded automatically.

With the Gmail website

From the Gmail web page there is no way to activate automatic download of files, but you can turn on notifications so you know when a file is sent to you and proceed to download it. If you want to download a file that has been sent to you, you must open the email where the file is, press the icon of the three points and hit download.