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How to Find Friends and Acquaintances on Kik? – Get all

8 de February de 2022

Kik is an instant messaging platform, which uses the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection on your device, to send or receive messages. You will ask yourself, what is so special about this instant messaging application? The answer is that it is focused on the fact that Kik, unlike other applications, does not use the user’s phone number.

This detail gives the application great privacy and anonymity, which is why it is highly preferred by the teenage public. To use this instant messaging application, all you need is to choose a username, add your email and date of birth; however, no one will be able to see this information, except if you are in a group chat, where members will be able to see your username.

How does the ‘Kik’ app work to meet people?

As already highlighted, Kik is an app that is preferred by young or teenage users, it is normal for such an app to have a great social media integrationfrom this platform, you can invite users via Facebook or Twitter, in the same way, you can use the application to make invitations through the email that you have registered on the platform.

In addition to this, you can also invite family or friends via SMS. On the other hand, if the contacts you have registered on the device activate the use of the Kik platform, you will immediately receive a notification letting you know that said person is online, so you can connect to the application and interact with said users.

As Kik is a platform that is based more than anything on anonymity, there is the possibility of adding yourself to group chats of people you do not know, but these groups will have themes depending on the public, in this way you will be able to meet new people within the platform.

Similarly, if you want to start a group chat, you must touch the search icon, being located there, click on the “start a group” option, it should be noted that each group chat has the capacity to host up to 50 members and you have the possibility of choosing the group modality, it can be a public or private group chat.

In the event that the group chat is private, users cannot be searched, in addition to this, users can only join the group chat if they have the “Kik code” of said chat or if any of the members of said groups want to integrate it, this is because in group conversations certain data of the group members can be appreciated.

It should be noted that each Kik user has a unique code, with which new users can be invited to participate in the application service. This code is similar to a QR code, this code can be obtained directly from the platform settings. In order to use this modality, you must touch the search icon and then click on the search option. “find person” When you are there, click on the “scan a Kik link” option, when you scan the code or someone scans your code, a chat with that person will immediately open.

kik offers you the option to meet more friends through a qr code

On the other hand, the Kik application has put as a new option “meet new people” with which, you will be able to enter the chats of other users that you do not know, but who have similar interests.

What search methods does Kik have for its users?

Now, you are a user of this messaging platform, but you do not want to join group chats with unknown people, because of the risk that strangers with strange interests and principles will appreciate your personal data, but you also want to find new people in the platform, you can use these different search engines, with which you can find new people and the best, people who have interests and tastes similar to yours.

On the other hand, you want to extend your friends list much more, there are a lot of third party websites that have Kik users. However, when accessing these websites you must be careful, since it is very common for such sites to be mined by scammers.

In addition to this, these websites have the constant problem of advertisements, pop-ups or ads appearing at any time, which makes the experience a bit unpleasant.

Kik Friends Finder

It is an app that will allow you to find and meet new people, with whom you can chat using the Kik platform. With this application, you will be able to filter people, by age, gender and sexual orientation. In this way, you will be able to find people who have the same tastes as you and start a conversation quickly through the Kik platform.

one of the methods you have to find friends on kik is using kik friends finder

kik friends

On the other hand, this is a website, which will allow you to search for users by gender or users who are online at the moment. In the same way, you can filter the search for users, by age, interests or images, this is a fairly simple website to use, with which you can find new friends on Kik.


This is one of many websites to find friends on Kik, however, with this website you will be able to register your username, profile picture, your age, preferences and tastes, in this way, other users will be able to find you with those specifications.

It should be noted that when using any of these alternatives, great care must be taken, since in many cases, these sites are full of people with fake profiles, which have negative goalsTherefore, you must be very attentive when starting a conversation with a stranger.

How can you add a person on Kik so you can chat?

As we have already mentioned, the Kik platform provides each of its users with a Kik code, which you can scan and immediately, a private chat will open where you can talk with the person who owns the code you scanned and that’s it.