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How to Extend the Reach of my Facebook Page? – Advertisement

25 de January de 2022

Social networks are the methods of the moment used by brands and those who want to sell a service, in order to advertise their brand, the impact that a well-managed account can have when publishing a product or service, can be quite successful. Unlike other forms of advertising, in social networks you should practically not invest and if you invest money, it will be a minuscule amount.

But like everything, be successful in social networks to promote products, you have a great job to do, be on the lookout for new options and use tools to reach your audience and have considerable growth in the people who see your ads. For this, you must analyze very well and use different strategies.

What are the methods that Facebook offers to reach a new audience?

There are many methods that you can apply so that your publications reach a greater number of people or public. Currently, there are experts in the field who want to provide you with a large number of strategies and tools that you can apply to have great growth on the Facebook platform.

However, there are some fairly basic methods that you must honestly apply in order to maximize the reach of your posts. You must remember that Facebook, like other existing social networks, work through an algorithm, which is recommended to know how it works, in order to get the most out of said algorithm.

advertising guidelines

According to experts, when you make a normal post on your Facebook page, it only has one 40% limited range, this number may vary, depending on the time you publish said post and if it is a publication that is of considerable interest to your audience. You ask yourself, what about the other 60% of your audience? Well, simply, that remaining percentage of your audience will not be able to see the publication you have made.

As we have already mentioned, social networks work with an algorithm, which tries to interpret the search preferences of users on social networks, in many cases said algorithm is responsible for limiting the number of people to which a message can reach them. publication.

In order to maximize the number of people who consume your content, the best strategy you can do is to pay for advertising on Facebook. When you run this, you can get up to 90% of your audience, the algorithm will stop limiting your publication, with which you can reach many people.

In addition to that you will not only be able to reach the people who already follow you, but you will also be able to appear on the wall of those users who are possibly interested in your content or products and still do not follow your Facebook page. You may think that the investment of this is very high, but it is not like that, in fact the investment is quite little, for how much it will help you to pay for advertising on the Facebook platform.

It is a small investment, but over time it will give you great results and will make your account or business grow quite considerably.

choose to pay the rates established by facebook to advertise your facebook page

Cross Posts

Cross-posting is the option offered by some publishing platforms. share the same post on different platforms at the same time. This can help you if you have an account on other platforms apart from Facebook. A clear example of cross-posting is the option provided by Instagram, which allows you to immediately share a post or story on Instagram on Facebook.

Know the statistics of your FanPage

When you decide to create your Facebook page, they have several tools to monitor the activity and the performance of your page. All this is extracted from the data of the people who belong to your audience and the way they respond to your posts. Not only is it enough that many people see your posts, but how many people react positively to the posts you upload to your post.

These are tools that are offered to any type of page, but many users skip them. It should be noted that with these statistics you will be able to analyze the performance of your page and its publications, in this way you will be able to work on the aspects negatives that the statistics show you.

At the time you publish any photo or video, the statistics of said publication will be immediately available. With these statistics, you will be able to know the number of people the publication has reached, you will be able to appreciate the reactions and comments that the publication has had, apart from the times that other people have shared the publication on their walls.

know the statistics of your fanpage

In the event that you have uploaded a video, you will have the complete statistics of the total number of reproductions of the video, the reproduction behaviors and the acceptance of your audience to the video. This is determined, taking into account, how many people have seen the video completely or a range greater than 70% of the video, in this way you can determine that the video had a good acceptance or did not have acceptance,

What can you do to make your Facebook posts reach the fans of other pages?

Remember, that everything will depend on the type of content you share, users who are interested in the type of content you share and follow other pages that share content of the type of your page, possibly some publication of your page will appear. Of course, for this, you will have to pay advertising to your page, so that those people interested in that content, some of your publications appear.

How can you pay an advertising pattern to your Facebook posts?

When posting any image or video, Facebook will immediately offer you the option to advertise that post. In addition to this, the option to pay for advertising will appear in the publication. The cost of advertising will depend on the number of people that Facebook tells you that the advertising will reach.