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How to Enter or Schedule a Birthday in the Calendar of my iPhone? (Example)

28 de June de 2021

Birthdays are an important part of life. Since these literally remind you of the day you came into the world. For this reason, the Apple company wanted such a special date to be saved on its devices. With that in mind today you will see How to enter or schedule a birthday on my iPhone calendar?

And, although these days are important, you will not always be able to remember everyone. But it is possible to remember them even if they are in another calendar because you can synchronize your Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically.

How to enter or schedule a birthday on my iPhone calendar?

To get straight to the point and be able to quickly answer the question How to enter or schedule a birthday on my iPhone calendar? The first thing you will have to do is open the application that is named “Contacts:”. Once you are there, look for the name of the person to whom you will add the birthday on your mobile and touch it, right after, press the button “Edit”Located in the upper right corner.

Next, slide your finger to the end of the contact section, and select the + option that appears. To continue touch “Add field” and later “Birthday”, Said action will let you enter the date of birth of the indicated person.

Upon completion pressDone”, Which will save the changes you have made to the contact. With this, the birthday will be automatically added to the calendar. In the event that you do not have the person’s number (for whatever reason), then the process to perform is different.

If you want to meet him, you must go to the calendar application you have on your mobile. When you get there, go to the month and day of birth of the person you have in mind. Once you find it, touch it with your finger and then hit the + sign that will appear in the upper corner of the screen.

Finally, use the extra form to add a note indicating that this is the person’s birthday, and click “Done” to save. Take into account that this way only one note will remain.

How to send an invitation to a meeting?

Now that you have learned the above, the initial question of How to enter or schedule a birthday on my iPhone calendar?, It is no longer a problem for you, so it is time for you to see how to send an invitation to a meeting in case you want to celebrate a birthday.

For this, first go to the application of “Calendar“, Within it, hit the + sign (that will allow you to create a new event), then hit the”Guests”And choose the people you want to attend.

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This can be done from your contact list, or by adding their emails. At the end of this process, click on “Done”. This action will let you return to the window you were in before, where you must also click “Done”.

With that, the invitations will be sent, and there will also be a reminder on the calendar of when the meeting is, so the only thing you have to do is organize everything to be the host of a great event.

Remember that on iPhone you can create events in the mail calendar. And in turn, you can also make a special congratulation that you can send through WhatsApp, so if you want to make the experience more complete, you have those options.

And thanks to that last thing you read, you can say that you not only know the answer to the question How to enter or schedule a birthday on my iPhone calendar? but at the same time you discovered how to send an invitation to all your friends and family in case you are the host.